13CRMO4-5 Steel Plate


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13CRMO4-5 Steel Plate



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Are you looking for 1.7335 Material Equivalent and Properties?

1.7335 material specification covers Euro norm material grade. The 13crmo4-5 Material Equivalent in the USA is theA387Gr.12Gr.P12, with Japan having its JIS SFVAF12 and France its AFNOR 15CD4-5, 15CD4-05, and 15CD2.05. 13crmo4-5 Plate Equivalent in England is BS 620, 620-440, and 620Gr.27. In Italy, the standard is UNI 14CrMo3, 14CrMo40-5, and 14CrMo4.5, with China having its 12CrMo standard.

The excellent 13crmo4-5 Material Properties allow these materials to function well in elevated temperature systems. The chrome-moly grade performs well across a range of corrosive media. The 13crmo4-5 Mechanical Properties allow these modules to be easily elongated with a fracture percent between 19-22%. These modules possess a maximum tensile strength between 450-600Mpa while exhibiting a maximum yield strength up to 300Mpa.

13CRMO4-5 Steel Plate

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13crmo4-5 welding Process

13crmo4-5 grade is characterized by good workability and weldability. The 13crmo4-5 Welding process allows these components to be welded to the subsequent modules utilizing standard welding procedures. After welding the, 13crmo4-5 post weld heat treatment follows these steps.

  •   Soft annealing these modules at room temperature between 600 to 700 degrees C. 
  •   Normalizing in temperatures of 910 to 940 degrees C with air.
  •   Air cooling at temperatures of 660 to 710 degrees C for relief annealing.
  •   Hardening and cooling in water at temperatures between 890 to 910 degrees C followed by oil-cooling at 900 to 930 degrees C.
  •   Finally, tempering the modules with calm air in temperatures of 650 to 720 degrees C.


The Benefits And Drawbacks of 13crmo4 5 Plate

Pressure vessel grades show good strength and resistance. The 13CRMO4-5 Alloy Steel plate works well in elevated temperature systems, and its superior chemical composition allows these modules to have enhanced resistance to corrosive media. These versatile EN 10028-2 13CrMo4-5 Steel Plates require heat treatment procedures after the welding process. They are expensive to manufacture due to the alloys alloyed in them and subsequent processing of the material.


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What is 13crmo4-5 steel plate?

it is a high-grade weldable pressure vessel grade steel. The chrome-moly 13CRMO4-5 Steel Plate is designed with a superior concentration of chromium and molybdenum, giving these modules excellent performance. The  material grade shows optimum performance in high pressure and elevated temperature systems.

The versatile grade shows outstanding anti-corrosion properties allowing these modules to withstand different stress-induced environments. The low carbon En 1.7335 Alloy Steel plate grade items exhibit good workability while maintaining superb strength. This grade also exhibits superior mechanical properties in different temperature ranges. En 1.7335 grade modules are widely seen in use as fittings, seamless tubes, forgings, etc.


13crmo4-5 vs 16mo3

both are chrome and molybdenum grades designed for use in pressure vessels across elevated temperatures. 13CRMO4-5 Steel Plate can be distinguished from 16mo3 grade based on its mechanical and chemical properties.

  • EN 10028-2 13CrMo4-5 Sheet is designed with a higher content of chromium and molybdenum than the 16m03 sheets, giving it enhanced tolerance and resistance against corrosive media.
  • 16mo3 grade modules are designed with a tensile strength between 440-590Mpa while possessing a yield strength between 220-275Mpa. this grade possesses a tensile strength between 450-600Mpa while exhibiting a yield strength between 290-300mpa.


Specification of 13crmo4 5 Plate

Length 3000 to 15000mm
Thickness 6 to 300mm
1500 to 4050 mm
Process Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled
Hardness Hard, Soft, Half Hard, Spring Hard, Quarter Hard etc.
Weldable Yes
Heat Treatment Normalised/Rolled/QT/N+T
Test certificates EN 10204 2.2/3.1 
Brands JSW, POSCO, Thyssen, Essar, SAIL, TATA, Clabecq, Dillinger, JSPL, Uttam, and Mills
  • Tanks
  • Engineering
  • Bridge construction
  • Construction
  • Rail
  • Yellow goods
  • Energy & Power Industry


En 1.7335 Steel Plate Price

Description Price
EN-10028-2 alloy 13crmo45 plates US$600.00
boiler and pressure vessel plate 13CrMo4-5 US$500.00
En 1.7335 Low Alloy Steel Plate US$500.00
Alloy structural steel 13CrMo45 Plate US$600.00


13crmo45 Plate Creep limit and creep resistance

Properties (MPa) Temperatures
480℃ 460℃ 450℃ 470℃ 500℃ 490℃ 530℃ 550℃ 520℃ 510℃ 540℃ 570℃
R1/100000 133 172 191 152 98 116 57 36 70 83 46 24
Rz/100000 190 251 284 220 137 163 77 49 94 116 61 33
Rz/10000 284 337 363 311 230 257 147 103 172 201 125 73
R1/10000 171 203 221 186 141 155 98 69 112 127 83 39
Rz/200000 167 226 260 196 115 139 62 38 76 96 47 25


Types of 13CRMO4-5 Steel Plate

En 1.7335 Steel Plate
En 1.7335 Steel Plate
EN 10028-2 13CrMo4-5 Sheet
EN 10028-2 13CrMo4-5 Sheet
13crmo45 Plate
13crmo45 Plate
13CRMO4-5 Steel Plate
13CRMO4-5 Steel Plate
1.7335 Material
1.7335 Material
13crmo4-5 Plate
13crmo4-5 Plate


Heat treatment of 13crmo4-5 Plate

  • at the temperature of 600 - 700℃ Softening annealing
  • at the temperature of 910 - 940℃ Normalizing with cooling in calm air
  • at the temperatures of 660 - 710℃ Relief annealing with calm air cooling
  • at the temperature of 890 - 910 ℃Hardening with cooling in water , when cooling in oil - 900 - 930 ℃
  • at temperatures of 650 - 720 °C Tempering in calm air

En 1.7335 Material Equivalent

  • 13CrMo4-5
  • DIN 1.7335
  • UNS K12062
  • A335 P11/ A335 P12


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Mechanical Properties of 13CRMO4-5 Steel Plate

(mm) 50 100 150 -20 0 +20
MPa MPa % J J J
< 16 mm 300 MPa 450/600 MPa 19% - - 31
> 16 < 60 mm 290 MPa 450/600 MPa 19% - - 31
> 60 < 100 mm 270 MPa 440/590 MPa 27
> 100 < 150 mm 255 MPa 430/580 MPa 27
> 150 < 250 mm 245 MPa 420/570 MPa 27


Chemical Composition of En 1.7335 Plate

Carbon 00.08/0.18
Silicon 00.35
Manganese 00.40/1.00
Phosphorus 00.025
Sulphur 00.010
Chromium 00.70/1.15
Molybdenum 00.40/0.60
Nitrogen 00.012
Copper 00.30