254 SMO Plate


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254 SMO Plate



254 SMO Plate

254 SMO Plate

 Alloy 254 6 Mo Sheet

Alloy 254 6 Mo Sheet

UNS S31254 Coils

UNS S31254 Coils


254 SMO Plate Suppliers, wholesaler and Stockholder of Werkstoff Nr. 1.4547 Strip in any size you might need long-term fabrication applications, See SMO 254 Sheet Price


What is 254 SMO Plate?

Designed to be used in seawater as well as other aggressive chloride bearing environments, the UNS S31254 is a highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel grade.

The plates produced from 254 SMO exhibit excellent resistance to pitting as well as to crevice corrosion. In fact, the PREN value of this stainless steel grade sheet is more than 42.5. The yield strength of this high alloy grade coil is 310 Mpa and shear modulus valued at 75 GPa, whereas the melting point for Alloy 254 SMO shim stock falls in between the temperature range of 1320℃ - 1390 ℃.

Depending on the needs of the buyer, the surface of these 254 6mo stainless steel sheets could be finished using value added treatments such as Hot rolled plate or as known as HR, Cold rolled sheet or as referred to as CR, Satin finish that is Met with Plastic Coated. Additionally, a No.1 finish hot rolled 254 SMO En 1.4547 Plate along with options such as 1D, 2B, 2D,8K, BA NO(8), hairline, brush, No.4, BA, a mirror finish could be conducted on these plates. If required these sheets or plates could be left bare.

SMO 254 is an austenitic stainless steel grade. The versatile 254 smo plate is designed with an outstanding chemical composition of iron, chromium, nickel molybdenum, nitrogen, and carbon. The superior chemical content in the 254 Smo Steel Plate gives these modules enhanced corrosion and oxidation resistance in stress-induced environments. The modules of the 6mo Plate have superior mechanical propertiesexhibiting a density of 8 g/cm3 coupled with a good hardness of 210 Brinell.

The 254 Smo Sheet exhibits a tensile strength of 680mpa with a yield strength of up to 300mpa. They have a modulus of elasticity of 195Gpa. The 254smo Stainless Steel Coil has a thermal conductivity of 14 W/mK and is difficult to machine as they have a higher work hardening rate due to the lack of sulfur. Smo 254 Sheet Price keeps fluctuating based on different parameters.

254 SMO Plate


Why choose Triton ?

254 SMO material is high alloy austenitic stainless steel and contains 6% molybdenum which makes its strength double compared to SS 300 series. Triton Alloys stocking 6mo material since 2015. Our Stocking range starts from 0.3 mm to 100 mm in thickness and 10 mm to 2000 mm in width. We are a stocking distributor of Sandvik in India. We buy 254 SMO plate and 6mo stainless steel sheet directly from Manufacturers in India, South Korea, Japan and Europe.

Triton Alloys rank in top 5 suppliers of uns s31254 plate in Mumbai. We mainly supply 1.4529 plate to companies engaged in the production of Heat Exchangers, Chemical storage Tanks, and tank linings. All our SMO 254 materials comply with NACE MR 0175. If you are looking for an odd size or small quantity of 6mo plate.

Mail us there is an 80% chance that you can find your required size or piece in our warehouse, so it will save your cost and wastage. We also provide cut to sizes in 254 SMO Sheet and Strips. This material has good weldability so it's an ideal alloy to use in concentrated chemicals processing or storage. Don't forget to check our Price List of 6mo stainless steel sheets because we can give you a price list which no other stockist or supplier can compete with due to our buying.

We stock many shapes and types in astm a240 uns s31254 material like Sheet, shim, Strips, Coil, and Foil. Triton has become a prominent supplier of 254 smo alloy in India, East Asia, South/ West Africa and many parts of Europe. We also supply smo 254 grade products to Exporters in India, Traders in UAE, and Stockholders in Saudi Arabia. Don't buy 254 smo sheets without knowing our price per KG in India and checking the MTC.


What is ASTM A240 UNS S31254 Sheet?

The ASTM A240 is a specification that caters to several components such as plate, coil, sheet, and strip manufactured from chromium based alloy, like the UNS S31254 which can be used to build pressure vessel as well as for general applications. Apart from the chemistry requirements, the mechanical requirements for these components made from W.Nr. 1.4547 are also specified.

There are numerous sizes and types of 254 SMO 6 Moly Perforated Sheet available such as polished, cold rolled, and hot rolled plates. Compare 254 SMO Stainless Steel Vs 316


material equivalent of 254 smo

254 Smo material equivalent is the ASTM A813, ASTM A469, ASTM A269 and ASTM A240. Apart from this, the 254 Smo Stainless Steel Equivalent can also be the ASTM A182 (F44), ASTM A814, ASTM A312 and ASTM A249.


Compare us with other 254 smo plate suppliers

254 smo plate suppliers are located throughout the country but finding the best supplier is a difficult task. We are the 254 Smo Plate Suppliers who believe in quality over anything and subject all our products through vigorous testing and screening to eliminate any flaws in the SA 240 UNS S31254 Clad Plate. These products are available at 10% cheaper prices compared to other suppliers of the versatile grade of Alloy 254 SMO Hot Rolled Plate.

Our products have never crossed over 0.25% of rejection in all our years of manufacturing the grade of 254 SMO 6 Moly Chequered Plate. This further cements our quality assurance and speaks volumes about our dedication to producing the best ASME SA 240 254 SMO Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Plate.


254 Smo Stainless Steel Vs 316

254 Smo stainless steel is a high-end austenitic grade that shows superior nickel, molybdenum, and chromium grade. The 316 stainless steel is a standard austenitic grade having lower chemical content than the 254 Smo grade.

Alloy 254 6 Mo Sheet Price

254 SMO Plate Description
254 SMO Plate Price
254 Smo Stainless Steel Sheet US $ 2.13-10.24 / kg
Super Austenitic Steel 254 Smo Plate Material S31254 Rolled Alloy Plate
US $ 2.18-7.85 / kg
254 Smo Stainless Steel Sheet US $ 590-800 / Ton
Smo 254 Sheets US $ 2.54-9.85 / kg
6mo Plate US $ 520-700 / Ton
254 Smo Heat Exchanger Plate US $ 2-270 / Piece
Smo 254 Alloy Plate US $ 5.65-10.85 / kg
Uns S31254 Stainless Steel Plates W. Nr. 1.4547 0.5-50mm Thickness US $ 5.43-8.57 / kg
Uns S31254 Stainless Steel Sheet US $ 6.55-10.85 / kg


Specification of 254 Smo Sheet

ASTM Specifications ASTM A240 / ASME SA240
Thickness in stock 4mm to 100mm thick
Available Width
1000mm, 1500mm, 1800mm,2500mm, 3500mm, 1219mm, 2000mm, 3000mm etc
Surface condition etching, checkered, Brush, NO.1, embossed, hair line, sand blast, 2D, 2B, BA, NO.8, mirror, 8K, NO.4 etc
254 SMO Plate Length 2440mm, 6000mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 2000mm etc
Finish Available 2B, Hot rolled plate (HR), 2D,  BA NO(8), SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated), Cold rolled sheet (CR)
254 SMO Plate different Form Foils, Flats, Rolls, Coils, Plain Sheet, Strip, Ring (Flange), Shim Sheet, Blank (Circle), Chequered Plate, Perforated Sheet etc


We are ready to provide you with high-quality ASME SA 240 SMO 254 Stainless Steel Coil and Foil with prompt delivery and custom-cutting as a dealer and stocking distributor, Check Difference between 254 Smo Vs Super Duplex

Standard Sizes of 6mo Plate

254 SMO Plate

Thickness : 4-100MM
Length: 2000-6000 MM


254 Smo Steel Plate Origin of material



Various Types of 6 Moly Plate

SMO 254 Sheet
SMO 254 Sheet
254smo Stainless Steel Coil
254smo Stainless Steel Coil
6mo Plate
6mo Plate
254 SMO Plate
254 SMO Plate
254 SMO Sheet
254 SMO Sheet
254 SMO Steel Plate
254 SMO Steel Plate


Thickness of 254 Smo Stainless Steel Plate

254 SMO Plate Dimensions 254 SMO Plate Thickness (mm)
3m x 1.5m 2.0
3m x 1.5m 1.5
4m x 2m/3m x 1.5m 5.0
3m x 1.5m 3.0
4m x 2m / 3m x 1.5m / 6m x 2m 8.0
3m x 1.5m / 4m x 2m / 6m x 2m 6.0
3m x 1.5m / 4m x 2m / 6m x 2m 10.0
4m x 2m / 6m x 2m 15.0
4m x 2m / 3m x 1.5m /6m x 2m 12.0
6m x 2m/4m x 2m 20.0


Alloy 254 SMO Hot Rolled Plate Weight

Thickness 254 SMO Plate Weight per Unit Area
1/4 0.008 lbs/in² 56.0245568 kg/m²
3/16 0.006000 lbs/in² 42.0184176 kg/m²
1/2 0.0161 lbs/in² 113.01942056 kg/m²
3 0.0941 lbs/in² 661.05884936 kg/m²
3/8 0.0121 lbs/in² 85.00714216 kg/m²
5/8 0.0196 lbs/in² 137.08016416 kg/m²
1 0.0313 lbs/in² 220.00607848 kg/m²
3/4 0.0235 lbs/in² 165.0221356 kg/m²
7/8 0.0274 lbs/in² 192.06410704 kg/m²
1 1/2 0.047 lbs/in² 330.0442712 kg/m²
1 1/4 0.0391 lbs/in² 274.09002136 kg/m²
2 0.0627 lbs/in² 440.08246392 kg/m²
1 3/4 0.0549 lbs/in² 385.09852104 kg/m²
2 1/2 0.0784 lbs/in² 551.02065664 kg/m²
2 1/4 0.0705 lbs/in² 495.0664068 kg/m²
2 3/4 0.0862 lbs/in² 606.00459952 kg/m²


254 Smo Vs Super Duplex

254 Smo and super Duplex have similar pitting resistance but can be distinguished on some other parameters. 
  •   Smo grade 254 modules are non-magnetic and can be welded easily across a wider temperature range.
  •   The Smo 254 grade is expensive due to the higher nickel and molybdenum content when compared to the super duplex range.
  •   Super Duplex grade is stronger than the 254 Smo grade.


We continually employ a customer-friendly technique to meet their expectations and approaches for 6 Moly Shim Sheet and Clad Plate. Please give us a detailed inquiry.


254 smo sheet, plate, coil thickness gap

A sheet, plate, and coil are some of the versatile shapes of the 254 smo grade. Alloy 254 6 Mo Sheet is designed in thickness below 6mm but higher than 0.5mm. The versatile modules are utilized within the system to provide an aesthetical appeal like the ASTM A240 UNS S31254 Perforated Sheet over providing stability. A plate is a module designed to provide stability and strength to the subsequent products.

These grade are designed with a thickness of above 6mm. Similarly, a 6 Moly Foil is amongst the thinnest material grade in this range, with a thickness gauge of less than 0.2mm. An Aisi 254 SMO Coil is wound or coiled after the initial rolling process and is available in thickness between 1.2mm and 20mm. These modules can be sheared into a Werkstoff Nr. 1.4547 Strip,which is designed to possess a thickness below 0.5mm but above 0.2mm. To fill spaces and provide support to the modules, the SMO 254 Shim Sheet is utilized with thicknesses above 0.020mm


Material Equivalent Werkstoff Nr. 1.4547 Strip

254 SMO Plate 1.4547 S31254 2378 Z1 CNDU 20.18.06Az X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7


Aisi 254 SMO Coil Chemical Composition

Grade Ni Cr Mo Cu N C Mn Si P S
254 SMO Plate 17.5-18.5 19.5-20.5  6-6.5 0.5-1.0 0.18-0.22 0.02 1.0 0.08 0.03 0.01


UNS S31254 Perforated Sheet Density

Density Melting Point
 8.0 g/cm3 1320-1390 ℃


6 Moly Foil Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
650 300  35 %


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