410s Stainless Steel Sheet


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410s Stainless Steel Sheet



What is 410S stainless steel sheet?

410s stainless is a low carbon version of the 410 grade. The 410S stainless steel sheet is designed with a chemical concentration of 11.5-14.5% chromium coupled with a nickel concentration of a maximum of 0.60%. The low carbon content in the SS 410s sheet lowers the austenite formation as the temperature increases, thereby reducing the ability of the alloy to harden. The 410S stainless steel plate possesses good oxidation resistance and can be employed in continuous services temperatures up to 1300 degrees F. Apart from this, the SS 410s plate performs well in different stress-induced environments where corrosive media are at the highest degree.

410S Stainless Steel Sheet


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SS 410 vs 410s

410 and 410s stainless are identical products that are separated based on certain features. 410s has a lower carbon content over the 410 grade.

SS 410s Plate Price in india

Description Price
410s 8K Mirror Hl No. Stainless Plate US $ 1200-3500 / Ton
410s Stainless Sheet US $ 1000-2000 / Ton
Hot Rolled 2b Finished 410s Stainless Sheet US $ 1100-2100 / Ton
410s Cold Drawning Stainless Sheet US $ 2000-2100 / Ton
410s Stainless 0.25mm Sheet US $ 2000-3000 / Ton
410s 2.5mm N4 5X10 1500X3000mm Stainless Flat Sheet US $ 1500-3000 / Ton
Black 410s 2b/No. 1/1u Finish Stainless Sheet  US $ 1380-1800 / Ton
Tisco Cold Rolled 4X8 Stainless Sheet 400 Series 410s Stainless Sheet US $ 1200-1500 / Ton


410S Sheet Specification

Specifications ASME SA240/ ASTM A240
Length 1000mm to 6000mm
Width 1000mm to 2000mm
Thickness 0.40mm to 6.00mm
Surface 2D, 2B, BA, NO.8, NO.4, Mirror, 8K, Embossed, Checkered, Brush, Sand Blast, Hair Line, Etching
Finish Hot rolled, Cold rolled


SS 410s Plate Weight

Weight per
sheet (Kg)
Size (mm) Weight per
sheet (Kg)
Size (mm)
17.9 2500 x1250 x 0.7 55.3 3000 x 1500 x 1.5
11.5 2000 x1000 x 0.7 38.4 2500 x 1250 x 1.5
14.7 2000 x1000 x 0.9 32.7 2000 x 1000 x 2.0
16.4 2000 x1000 x 1.0 73.7 3000 x 1500 x 2.0
23.0 2500 x1250 x 0.9 51.2 2500 x 1250 x 2.0
36.8 3000 x1500 x 1.0 63.9 2500 x 1250 x 2.5
25.6 2500 x1250 x 1.0 40.9 2000 x 1000 x 2.5
19.6 2000 x1000 x 1.2 92.1 3000 x 1500 x 2.5
44.2 3000 x1500 x 1.2 77.5 2500 x 1250 x 3.0
30.7 2500 x1250 x 1.2 49.6 2000 x 1000 x 3.0
24.6 2000 x1000 x 1.5 112.0 3000 x 1500 x 3.0


410S Stainless Sheet Weight calculator

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All weights are estimates; actual weights may differ.


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410s Stainless Steel Welding

To ensure excellent corrosion resistance across different environments the 410s surface must be free from oxide or heat tint. These components are formed during the annealing or hot working process. All these surfaces must be polished to remove all these traces. can be readily welded following standard welding procedures.

The workpiece is generally heated at temperatures between 177-204 degrees C to prevent cracking. Special consideration should be taken to avoid brittle weld fractures during the fabrication process to eliminate discontinuity. This grade has poor welding capacities compared to other ferritic grades. The AWS E/ER 309L or 430 filler should be employed while welding these modules.


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410s Stainless Steel Density

The ferritic 410s stainless is designed with a density of 7.73 g/cm3 or 0.28 lbs/in3.


410s Stainless Steel Machinability

In annealed condition the 410s grade is machined with surface speeds between 60 to 80 feet per minute. It is generally annealed in temperatures ranging between 1600 to 1650 degrees F and then air-cooled. However, better results are obtained in heat-treated or cold-drawn conditions.


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410s Stainless Steel Sheet Vs Plate Weight

Weight is an important component in determining the overall functionality and strength of a module. ASTM A240 Type 410S Plate is a plate designed with a thickness of above 6mm. These modules in the size of 4000 x 2000 x 2.0 have a weight per kg of 136kg. The AISI 410S Cold Rolled Plate focuses more on providing stability and strength to the component rather than weight saving. For sizes of 4000 x, 2000 x 2.0, the ASME SA240 410S Stainless Steel Sheet will have a weight of approximately 120kg.

These modules don’t add stability to the module but focus more on weight saving and providing an aesthetical appeal, as seen in the SS 410S Perforated Sheet. These sheets are punched manually or mechanically, making use of CNC machinery to make holes in different shapes and sizes. SS 410S Shim Sheet is a metal module that is added in-between steel components to add stability and grip to the module. The thinnest module that has the least weight is the SUH 410S Foil.

These foils are utilized in wrapping different metal components to give them protection during heat treatment and the ailments. UNS S41008 Strip designed with a width of 100mm, and thickness of 4mm will have a weight of 3.080 approximately and create a strong weld in the system. A Werkstoff No 1.4000 Coil with a thickness of 10mm having an internal diameter of 508mm, will have an approximate weight of 800kg.

SS 410s Plate Thickness

1 1/2" 1 1/4" 1 3/4" 3 1/2" 2 1/4" 2" 2 3/4" 2 1/2" 3" 4"
38.1mm 31.8mm 44.5mm 88.9mm 57.2mm 50.8mm 69.9mm 63.5mm 76.2mm 101.6mm
1/4" 3/16" 5/16" 1" 1/2" 3/8" 3/4" 5/8" 7/8" 1 1/8"
6.3mm 4.8mm 7.9mm 25.4mm 12.7mm 9.5mm 19mm 15.9mm 22.2mm 28.6mm


Various Types of 410s Stainless Sheet

410s Stainless Steel Sheet
410s Stainless Steel Sheet
ASTM A240 Type 410S Plate
ASTM A240 Type 410S Plate
SS 410S Perforated Sheet
SS 410S Perforated Sheet
410s Stainless Steel Plate
410s Stainless Steel Plate
UNS S41008 Strip
UNS S41008 Strip
Werkstoff No 1.4000 Coil
Werkstoff No 1.4000 Coil


410S Stainless Plate Corrosion Resistance

5% Test
Solution at 49°C/ 120°F
mm per Year (mm/a) and Corrosion Rate in Mils per Year
SS 410S
Acetic Acid 0.079
Phosphoric Acid 0.062


UNS S41008 Strip Density and Melting

Melting Range

2700 – 2790°F
1480 – 1530°C


0.28 lbs/in3
7.73 g/cm3


SS 410s sheet Equivalent

1.4000 A240/ SA 240 - AISI 410S - S41000 SUS 410S


410S stainless sheet Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile Stress, Rm: 400 - 630 MPa
  • Yield Strength, Re: > 230 MPa
  • Elongation (%), A:> 20%
  • Hardness: < 200 HBW
  • Modulus of elasticity = GPa220
  • Specific resistance, Ω: mkOhm*m 0,6
  • Thermal capacity, cp20 Degree C: 460 J * K-1 * kg-1 
  • Thermal conductivity, λ: 30 W * K-1 * m-1 
  • Linear expansion coefficient, α20 Degree C: 10-6 K-1 * 10.5


SS 410S Sheet Chemical Composition

Grade Si (max) C (max) Cr Mn Ni Other Elements S (max) P(max) N (max)
SS 410S 1.00 0.08 11.50–13.50 1.00 max 0.6 max - 0.030 0.040 -


Werkstoff No 1.4000 Coil Application

  • Press plates
  • Ore Processing
  • Gate valves
  • Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Processing
  • Thermal Processing


Applicable international standard of Alloy 410S Ferritic SS

  •   Werkstoff 1.4000
  •   AISI 410S
  •   UNS S41000
  •   ASTM A240
  •   ASME SA 240
  •   X6Cr13