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AISI 1020 Steel Plate



What is AISI 1020 Steel Plate?

AISI 1020 Plate belongs to a category of Carbon ASTM A830 having excellent chemical composition. ASTM A830 Plate  is designed with superior corrosion and oxidation resistance in an array of stress-induced environments. The ASTM A830 C1020 Sheet is designed with a thickness of less than 6mm and is utilized as weight-saving modules across different systems.

The A830 Steel Plate is a high-strength component designed with a thickness of above 6mm. These modules provide stability and rigidity to the metal components. 1020 Steel Plate has exceptional impact resistance while performing well at elevated temperatures.

AISI 1020 Steel Plate


Structural Quality AISI 1020 Steel Sheet and ASTM A830 Grade C1020 Hot Rolled Steel Plates supplier in India


Buying tips for AISI 1020 Plate

The key area in selecting the best perforates sheet in the AISI 1020 Sheet is understanding the requirements of your projects. This includes evaluating the correct properties for your requirements selecting the appropriate sizes to suit your project. Logistics and transportation of the material from the warehouse to the project site can influence the cost of the products on a large scale.

The most important step in selecting the SS 1020 Steel Plate suppliers is accessing all the test reports and identifying any potential damage within these components. Having a trusted distributor and suppliers can get all these problems solved easily to get the best buying experience.


1020 Steel Plate For Sale, Always check SAE J403 Grade 1020 Plate Hardness, Thicknesses before buying from any Stockist, must see Advantages/ Disadvantages


SAE J403 Grade 1020 Plate Advantages and Disadvantages

AISI 1020 sheet has its advantages and disadvantages. The AISI 1020 Plate is characterized by a cubic crystal structure and is resistant against corrosive media across different systems. The SAE 1020 Steel Plate has good tolerance against stress-corrosion crack and has excellent ductility and formability when compared to other grades.

The AISI C1020 Sheet causes problems during welding as there are chances of cracking within the heat-affected zones. The robust AISI 1020 Cold Drawn Steel Plate unlike the CS grades doesn’t possess great levels of resistance to acidic media, however, they are tolerant to them to a certain degree. The AISI 1020 Mild Steel Plate cannot be hardened through the heat treatment but can be softened through annealing.


Your search for AISI 1020 Plate in conventional sizes and lengths has come to an end , We are Wholesaler and deliver the highest level of service. check our inspection policy


Which temperature Thermal Cutting is suitable for AISI 1020 Carbon Steel Plate and which is not?

SAE J403 1020 Sheet & Discrete Plate can be thermally cut in a temperature range between 10 degrees C to 95 degrees C.


Our inspection policy for A830 steel plate before dispatch material

With years of experience in the metal industry, we offer A830 steel plate and 1020 Coils, which are of the highest quality. We offer a comprehensive range of plates within this grade that are available in bulb numbers. Our enterprise ensures that our products are subjected to strict screening to eliminate any flaws or damage within this plate.

Furthermore, the records of this inspection can be availed during the purchase. Once the product is ready to ship, it is packed in top-quality boxes that ensure that the AISI 1020 material are transported to the customers are same that left our store.

SAE J403 Grade 1020 Sheet Price list

Description Price
Black 1020 Steel Sheet US $ 800-1000 / Ton
1020 10mm Mild Iron Carbon Steel Plate US $ 550-680 / Ton
SAE 1020 Steel Plate US $ 520-640 / Ton
AISI 1020 Carbon Plate US $ 500-900 / Ton
Hot/Cold Rolled Carbon Sheet Plate 1020 US $ 600-610 / Ton
Hot Rolled AISI 1020 Carbon Plate US $ 700-800 / Ton
AISI 1020 Carbon Plate  US $ 450-750 / Ton
AISI 1020 Carbon Hot Rolled Steel Plate US $ 300-1500 / Piece


Specification of ASTM A830 C1020 Plate

AISI 1020
galvanized or customized natural color coated
hot rolled
1250 to 2000 mm or custom
3 to 200 mm or custom
6000-12000 mm or custom
Delivery time
after receiving deposit Within 7-15 workdays or L/C


Must Know Types of AISI 1020 Plate

AISI 1020 Steel Plate
AISI 1020 Steel Plates
SAE J403 Grade 1020 Sheet
SAE J403 Grade 1020 Sheet
ASTM A830 C1020 Plate
ASTM A830 C1020 Plates
AISI 1020 Steel Sheet
AISI 1020 Steel Sheet
ASTM A830 Grade C1020 Hot Rolled Steel Plates
ASTM A830 Grade C1020 Hot Rolled Steel Plates
AISI 1020 Plate
AISI 1020 Plates


SS 1020 Steel Plate suppliers, AISI 1020 Mild Steel Plate Exporter and are available in stock and for sale at a genuine price in India with various value added service


Value added services we offer for AISI 1020 Steel Plate

Triton Alloys Inc ensures we offer more than you expect. ASTM A830 C1020 Plate can be cut and shaped in desired sizes as per your requirement. This not only saves costs but also prevents any wastage of material. The A830 Steel Plate can be edge rolled or conditioned to give the component a cleaner edge.

Apart from this, several laser cutting services are also available.  1020 Steel Plate can be machined powder, coated, or sawed in the correct alignment to ensure that we provide more than you bargain for. The AISI 1020 Steel Sheet is packed and transported securely. These are a few of the value-added services we offer to put a smile on our customer’s faces.


1020 Steel Plate Characteristics

  • Good formability
  • Controlled Carbon content improves machinability
  • Good weldability


SAE J403 Grade 1020 Plate Size chart

Length Width
C1020 3" to 8" 96" to 480" 48" to 120"


AISI C1020 Sheet Surface Finish & tolerance

Surface Finish Black-Rolled Black-Forged Grinding Turned Peeled Polished Cold Drawn
Tolerance (0,+1mm) (0,+5mm) Best h9 (0,+3mm) Best H11 Best h11 Best H11


ASTM A830 Grade C1020 Hot Rolled Steel Plates Processing

Forging Temperature of forging: 950-1200°C, with air cooling after forging.
Normalizing Raise the temperature to 890°C – 940°C, then cool in the air.
Annealing The temperature was raised to 870°C–910°C and then cooled in a furnace.
Carburizing The temperature should be between 880°C and 920°C.
Core Refining Reheat the temperature to between 870°C and 900°C. Quench your thirst with water, oil, or brine.
Case Hardening After refining, raise the temperature to 760°C–780°C.


AISI 1020 Plates Applications

  • Axles
  • Ratchets
  • Spindles
  • Engineering Components and Machinery Parts
  • Shafts
  • Light Duty and Worm Gears


ASTM A830 C1020 Plates Chemical Composition

  •   Carbon (C) : 0.17%-0.23%
  •   Manganese (Mn)  0.30%-0.60%
  •   Phosphorus (P) 0.35% (Maximum)
  •   Sulfur (S) 0.04% (Maximum)


Grade S Mn C Fe P
AISI 1020 ≤ 0.050 0.300 – 0.600 0.170 – 0.230 99.08 – 99.53 ≤ 0.040


A830 plates Advantages

  • Controlled Carbon helps to improve machinability
  • Formability is Good
  • Weldability is Good


SAE 1020 Steel Plate Density

Properties Imperial Metric
Density 0.284 lb/in³ 7.87 g/cc


AISI 1020 CS Plates Equivalent Grades

Grade UNS
AISI 1020 / SAE 1020 G10200


AISI C1020 Sheet Mechanical Properties

Grade Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation
AISI 1020 165 MPa, psi 29700 380 MPa, 55100 psi 25 %