Astm A204 Grade B Plate


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Astm A204 Grade B Plate


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ASTM A204 Grade B is a boiler quality grade of steel. The Astm A204 Grade B Plate is designed with a superior composition of carbon, molybdenum, manganese sulfur, phosphorus, and silicon. The content embedded in these plates gives them enhanced resistance to corrosive and reducing media. ASTM A204 Alloy Steel Plate works well in high pressure and temperature applications. These plates are designed in thickness between 5mm up to 150mm with widths of 6000mm to 12000mm. Molybednum Steel Plates ASTM A204 Grb have enhanced resistance to acidic media and corrosive constituents. These plates also showcase superior tolerance to crevice corrosion and pitting by acids.

The pressurized vessel ASME Sa204 Gr. b Steel Plate has widths between 1500mm to 2500mm. The versatile plates have superior strength and load-bearing capacity in the system. The ASME Sa204 Gr. b Plate is designed with superior mechanical properties. These plates have a tensile strength between 440 to 590mpa with yield strength between 220 to 275mpa. They can be elongated by a minimum of 19% in the system.

The Astm A204 Gr.B Low Alloy Plate is able to withstand higher levels of pressure and temperatures. These plates showcase excellent creep strength and have low levels of temperature ductility within the system. The A204 Grade B Plate has a solid rock-like body that gives good efficiency in different industries. These plates come along with a flawless finish and have a longer life span. A204 Grade B Steel Plate is commonly seen in industrial boilers, pressure vessels heat dissipation units, ship hulls, submarines, aerospace, and other applications. All our products can be customized as per specific customer requirements. If you have any queries and questions with regards to our products or their pricing, contact us or visit any of our outlets for more information.


Astm A204 Grade B Plate


Astm A204 Grade B Plates Specification

  • Standard: ASTM A204/ ASME SA204
  • Length: 3000mm to 15000mm
  • Thickness: 6mm to 150mm
  • Width: 1500mm to 4050mm
  • Steel Grade:  Grade B,
  • Surface:Oiled, Mill Varnish, Bare, Galvanized
  • Delivery state: Hot Rolled
  • Application: high temperature pressure vessel plates, steel boiler plates


Price of ASME Sa204 Gr. b Steel Plates

Description Price
ASTM A204 Grade B Low Alloy Plates US $600 - $800 / Ton
A204-Gr.B Heat-resisting plates US $12300-14500 / Ton
A204 Gr B alloy plates/sheet US $300-1000 / Ton
ASTM A204 Gr.B pressure vessel alloy plates US $600-1000 / Metric Ton
ASTM A204 Grade B Sheet US $600 - $800 / Ton
ASTM A204 Grade B Plates US $600 - $800 / Ton
Pressure Vessel Plates high quality A204 Gr.B 5-100mm US $689.0-760.0 / Metric Tons
AS plates ASTM A204/A204M Gr.B US $300-1000 / Ton
ASTM A204 Gr. B Pressure Vessel Alloy Plates US $600 - $800 / Ton


Astm A204 Grade B Equivalent

Grade Standard Number Grade Grade Grade Standard Number Material Number Material Number Grade Standard Number
A204-Gr. A.B G3103 16Mo 16Mo 15 Mo3 DIN17155 1.5414 1.5415 16Mo3 EN 10028-


Weight chart of Astm A204 Gr.B Low Alloy Plates

Plates Thickness
2.0 15.7
1.6 12.6
2.5 19.6
3.2 25.1
3 23.6
4 31.4
6 47.1
5 39.3
10 78.5
8 62.8
12.5 98.1
20 157
15 118
22.5 177
30 236
25 196
32 251
40 314
35 275
45 353


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Molybednum Steel Plates ASTM A204 Grb Thickness

Grade Maximum Thickness, in. [mm]
A204 B 6 [150]
A204 A 6 [150]
A204 C 4 [100]


A204 Grade B Plates Strength level

Grade Tensile Strength, ksi [MPa]
B 70–90 [485–620]
A 65–85 [450–585]
C 75–95 [515–655]


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Technical Condition of ASME Sa204 Gr. b Plates

  • Ultrasonic tested as per SA 578 or any other as per requirement
  • Furnace Normalised
  • MTC acc to EN 10204 3.1 / 3.2
  • BQ Plates with IBR form IV
  • Charpy Impact tested at -20 / - 46 DegC.


Various Types of Astm A204 Grade B Plates

Astm A204 Grade B Plate
Astm A204 Grade B Plates
ASME Sa204 Gr. b Steel Plate
ASME Sa204 Gr. b Steel Plates
ASTM A204 Alloy Steel Plate
ASTM A204 Alloy Steel Plates
Molybednum Steel Plates ASTM A204 Grb
Molybednum Steel Plates ASTM A204 Grb
Astm A204 Gr.B Low Alloy Steel Plate
Astm A204 Gr.B Low Alloy Steel Plates
A204 Grade B Steel Plate
A204 Grade B Steel Plates


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A204 Alloy Steel Plate Chemical Composition

Astm A204 Chemical Composition
Steel Grade The Element Max (%)
P Si C Mn Mo S
A204 Grade B 0.035 0.13-0.45 0.20-0.27 0.90-0.98 0.45–0.60 0.035


Mechanical Properties of Molybednum Steel  A204 Grade B Plate

Mechanical Property of ASTM A204 plates Grade B
Yield strength, min, kis [MPa] 40 [275]
Elongation in 2 in. [50 mm], min, % 21
Tensile strength, kis [MPa] 70-90 [485-620]
Elongation in 8 in. [200 mm], min, % 17