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DSQ Plate




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What is DSQ Plates?

DSQ steel is a low silicon-carbon grade designed for different galvanized items. A DSQ Plate shows good tolerance and resistance in different systems due to its anti-corrosive nature. The versatile DSQ High resistance Plates showcase a vigorous construction, and are very strong and are designed with an ashen patent.

This dsq steel plate show superior resistance against ozone reduction across different stress-induced systems. The modules of the Dsq Carbon Steel Plates provide a damage-free mask black layer on the surface while having an excellent reproduction constant. Designed with superior mechanical properties the Dsq High Tensile Steel Plate exhibits a minimum tensile strength of 375mpa with a minimum yield strength of 245mpa. The robust DSQ 50 plate can be easily elongated by 25% while maintaining a smooth tonal gradation in the module. 

 DSQ Plate


Stocking Distributors of Sail DSQ Plates

Stock distributors of Sail DSQ plates are far and forth in the country. Finding the right sail dsq plate is a difficult task. Distributors who keep a large stock of inventory will most likely have items of precise specifications to meet all project requirements. Sail Stainless Steel DSQ Plates need to be transported from the retailer to the project site, which incurs a lot of capital.

Having distributors with different supply channels and retail outlets can lower the costs down while providing faster delivery. Last and most importantly find DSQ Plates SAIL distributors who can be trusted and provide the best services for your project.


What is DSQ Plates Full Form?

DSQ plates are high-strength low carbon grades. The dsq plates full form can be defined as Dead Soft Quality plates. These versatile components of the Dead Soft Quality Plate are seen in heat generation systems and galvanizing components.

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What is DSQ Plates chemical composition

DSQ plates are designed with a superior chemical composition. The dsq plates chemical composition consists of 0.04%-0.06% carbon, 0.230%-0.025% manganese, 0.037%-0.050% sulfur, 0.021%-0.027% phosphorous and silicon. The versatile composition gives the D.S.Q Steel Plate good utility and reliability in the system.

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Why is Dead Soft Quality Plate suitable for galvanizing tank

Dead Soft Quality Plates shows the presence of low carbon and silicon in its concentration. These plates have a damage-free black mask layer that protects against different pollutants. Furthermore, the DSQ Galvanizing Plates have excellent reproduction properties allowing them to have a smooth tonal gradation. Apart from this, the modules have a layer of reserve depth, allowing them to be well suited for different galvanizing material.


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Our Inspection Policy DSQ Steel Plate before dispatch of material

DSQ steel plates and all materials are subjected to vigorous testing and screening to eliminate any flaws or defects within their composition and physical stature. These steel plates are put through mill tests, hardness tests, impact tests, and ultrasonic tests amongst some of the tests to provide the best products for all customers.


Specification of DSQ Plate

Material DSQ Plates for pressure vessels
DSQ Full form Dead Soft Quality
Test certificates EN 10204 2.2/3.1 
Third Party Inspection ABS, DNV, CE, RINA, TUV, LR, GL, CCS, KR
Brands SAIL
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Tanks
  • Yellow goods
  • Bridge construction
  • Rail
  • Energy & Power Industry


Dsq Steel Plate Price in india

Description Price

sail dsq plate

US $800-3000 / Metric Ton( FOB Price

DSQ Plate

US $605-629 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

Sail Stainless Steel DSQ Plates

US $800-4000 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

Dead Soft Quality Plate

US $500-800 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

DSQ Galvanizing Plates

US $560-670 / Ton( FOB Price)

DSQ Boiler Quality Plates
US $500-900 / Ton( FOB Price)


Most Frequently Used DSQ Plates

DSQ Plates
DSQ Plates
Dead Soft Quality Plate
Dead Soft Quality Plates
Sail DSQ Plate
Sail DSQ Plates
DSQ Steel Plate
DSQ Steel Plates
DSQ Galvanizing Plates
DSQ Galvanizing Plates
DSQ 50 plate
DSQ 50 plates


Sail Stainless Steel DSQ Plates Processing

  • Testing
  • Forming Drilling / Machining
  • Cutting
  • Grinding


SAIL Dead Soft Quality Plates Composition

S Mn Carbon Si P
0.037 - 0.050 0.230 - 0.025 0.04 - 0.06 0.021 - 0.027 0.021 - 0.027


DSQ Galvanizing Plates Mechanical Properties

  • Yield Strength ( minimum) : 245 MPa
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength ( minimum) : 375 MPa
  • Elongation % (minimum) : 25


Application of DSQ 50 plate

  • Gas and steam turbines
  • Heat recovery steam generations (HRSG)
  • Galvanizing (Zinc Coating Tank)
  • Steam, Boiler and heat exchanger
  • Liquefied Petroleum
  • Chemical Industry
  • Separator
  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Slide conveyor


DSQ Galvanizing Plates Makes



Value Added Services of Dead Soft Quality Plate

  • Laser Cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Packing
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Custom Machining