Inconel 718 Plate

What is Inconel 718 Plates?

A reason why this gamma double prime strengthened plate is often used in marine engineering is that it offers good weldability along with superior corrosion resistance to saltwater and brine.

Inconel 718 Plates

Inconel 718 Plate

 Nickel Alloy 718 Sheet

Nickel Alloy 718 Sheet

Uns N07718 Shim

Uns N07718 Shim


The AMS 5596 is a specification by the SAE which covers Corrosion and Heat Resistant materials produced in the form of Plates, Sheet, Coil and Strips. The chemistry set by this specification covers Alloy 718 coils where the primary alloyant is nickel at 52.5%, followed by other elements like  19% Chromium,  3% Molybdenum, 5.1% niobium in addition to titanium and aluminium in significant quantity. The melting point of this solution treated Werkstoff Nr. 2.4668 plates range between 1370 °C - 1430°C. The UNS No 7718 sheets exhibit good mechanical properties, for instance, its yield strength is valued at 120 KSI and rockwell hardness is 40.


What is ASTM B670 UNS N07718 Sheet?

The aforementioned specification deals with components such as Plates, Sheet, Coil, Strips manufactured from Inconel 718. Typically, these components have been tempered in an annealed condition, which makes them well suited for use in elevated temperature settings. After undergoing a precipitation hardening process, these UNS N07718 components must conform to not only the mechanical, but also chemical requirements in addition to being tested for stress rupture.To get the best price for the good quality Plates, Sheet, Coil and Strips made from Inconel 718.


Material Equivalent Properties Of Werkstoff No 2.4668 Coils

718 2.4668 N07718


Standard Quality Specification Of Inconel 718 Plates

ASME and ASTM designation ASTM B670 / ASME SB670
Producing Thickness 0.1mm to 12 mm Thk
Sizes range
1220 mm x 2440 mm, 1000 mm x 2000 mm, 2000 mm x 4000 mm, 2000 mm x 2000 mm, 1500 mm x 3000 mm
Standard Finish Cold rolled sheet (CR), 2D, 2B, SATIN, BA NO(8), Hot rolled plate (HR)
Various Form Coils, Rolls, Flats, Strip, Foils, Ring (Flange), Blank (Circle), Shim Sheet, Plain Sheet
Manufacturing Hardness Quarter Hard, Half Hard, Hard, Spring Hard, Soft etc


Inconel 718 Sheet Sizes And thickness

Alloy 718 Sheet & Coils

0.016" - 0.165"

Alloy 718 Plates

0.1875" - 2.000"

Mechanical Specification Of ASTM B670 UNS N07718 Strips

0.2% Proof Stress Tensile Strength Elongation Reduction of area Hardness
Min Min Min Min Min
1034 1275 12 15 331


Chemical Material Composition Of Alloy 718 Sheet

Ni Cr Fe Mo Nb+Ta C Mn Si Ph S Ti Cu B Al Co
Min 50 17 Bal 2.8 4.75 - - - - - 0.65 - - 0.20 -
Max 55 21 - 3.3 5.50 0.08 0.035 0.35 0.015 0.015 1.15 0.30 0.0006 0.80 1.00


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