P265GH Plate


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P265GH Plate



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What is P265GH Plate?

P265GH grade is a standard welded pressure vessel and boiler steel grade. TheP265GH Plateis designed with an excellent chemical content giving it good performance across different environments.P265gh Steel Plateis ideal for use in elevated temperature service, which is common in petrochemical and chemical industries.

TheP265gh En 10028-2grade is normalized in temperatures between 890 to 950 degrees C. The items in this grade have minimum yield strength of 265mpa with a tensile strength between 410 to 530mpa. ThisEn 10028 P265gh Steel Platehas a thickness of 16mm and can be elongated by a minimum of 22%

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P265GH Plate


What is P265gh Equivalent Astm Material?

P265gh is a European standard referred to as A516 grade 70 in ASME and ATM standards. TheP265gh Equivalentin India is Grade 2A, in Sweden, it is SS 14,30,01, with Italy having the Fe410-1-KW grade.


P265gh Vs S235jr

  •   S235jr is a popular construction-grade steel  manufactured according to the EN 10025-2 standard. P265GH Steel Plate to EN10028 is a weldable pressure vessel and boiler grade.
  •   EN 10028:2 P265GH grade modules are designed with a superior chemical composition when compared to the S23jr grade. This gives the EN10028-2 P265GH grade modules enhanced corrosion and tolerance in the system.
  •   The Pressure Vessel Steel Plates P265GH is designed possessing superior tensile and yield strength as compared to the S235jr grade.


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P265gh Vs S355

P265gh is a pressure vessel grade steel having superior chemical concentration than the S355 grade. The S355 grade is a structural steel module, having superior mechanical properties compared to the P265gh grade.

PP265gh Plate Supplier, Before Buy Check P265gh Temperature Range, Chemical Composition and price per foot in India


Must know P265gh Material Chemical Composition

P265gh material is designed with a chemical composition containing 0.20% carbon, 0.80-1.40% manganese, 0.015 sulfur, 0.040% silicon, 0.025% phosphorous and 0.020% aluminium. Apart from this, it has 0.30% of chromium and nickel with 0.08% of molybdenum. These items also have contents of niobium, titanium, and vanadium enclosed in their chemical composition


Specification of P265gh En 10028-2

  •   Thickness: 3mm to 150 mm
  •   Length: Up to 12 meters or available in cut pieces 
  •   Width: Approx 3 meters or available in cut to length also
  •   Certification : EN10204 MTC: 3.1 and 3.2 
  •   Manufactures or Mills : Thyssenkrupp, Dillinger, arcelormittal and JFE steel
  •   Dimensions: EN10028-1:2007+A1:2009
  •   Normalizing: Plates can be delivered normalized also in Rolled condition
  •   Surface : EN 10028-1:2007 + A1:2009.
  •   Steel number or P265GH : 1.0425
  •   International Specifications: Comly all international specifications like ASME/ASTM SA/A 516-70, BS1501 224 490B LT50, BS 1501 223 490B LT50, BS 1501-225-490B LT50, EN 10028-3 P355NL1/2, EN 10028-3 P355GH

En 10028 P265gh Steel Plate Price

Description Price
P265gh Hr High Strength Boiler Steel Plate US $ 560-900 / Ton
P265gh Building Material Plate US $ 750-1000 / Ton
Hot Rolled P265gh 20mm Pressure Vessel Boiler Steel Plate US $ 500-850 / Ton
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Steel Plate P265gh US $ 600-1000 / Ton
P265gh Heavy Boiler Steel Plate  US $ 550-850 / Ton
P265gh Steel Plate 4X8 16 Gauge Galvanized/Zinc Coated US $ 740-770 / Ton


Most Selling Types of P265GH Plate

En 10028 P265gh Steel Plate
En 10028 P265gh Steel Plate
P265GH Plate
P265GH Plate
P265gh En 10028-2
P265gh En 10028-2
P265gh Steel Plate
P265gh Steel Plate
1.0425 Plate
1.0425 Plate
P265gh Material
P265gh Material


P265GH Material Hardness & Testing

  •   Rockwell Hardness known as (RW)
  •   Brinell Hardness known as (BHN)
  •   NACE MR0175 and NACE MR0103 ( It's a compliance required by Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries Globally 


P265gh Steel Plate Testing Reports

  •  HIC known as Hydrogen Induced Cracking 
  •   CVN known as Charpy V-Notch Testing 
  •   UT known as Ultrasonic Testing 
  •   SPWHT known as Simulated Post Weld Heat Treatment


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What is P265gh Temperature Range

P265gh material is a module that is well suited in elevated temperature service. The items in this grade can withstand pressures in the ranges between -29 degrees C to 400 degrees C or above in stress-induced conditions.


Why Choose Triton ?

P265GH Plate  comes into the family of pressure vessel steel, Triton Alloys is a well recognised stockist and supplier of en 10028-2 p265gh material in India. This material can be cut or profiled based on requirements of our customers. At Triton we do not charge for cutting or grinding. Please check below the delivery conditions and available stock of P265GH material.


P265GH Strength at Elevated Temperature ( Thickness wise)

THICKNESS 50°C 100°C 150°C 200°C 250°C 300°C 350°C 400°C
up to 16 Millimeter 256 241 223 205 188 173 160 150
from 16 Millimeter to 40 Millimeter 247 232 215 197 181 166 154 145
Above 40 Millimeter to 60 Millimeter 237 223 206 190 174 160 148 139
Above 60 Millimeter to 100 Millimeter 208 196 181 167 153 140 130 122
Above 100 Millimeter to 150 Millimeter 193 182 169 155 142 130 121 114
Above 150 Millimeter to 250 Millimeter 179 168 156 143 131 121 112 105

P265gh Equivalent Astm Material

United Kingdom 

  •   BS 1501 151 -400
  •   BS 1501 161 430
  •   161 Gr 400
  •   164 Gr 400
  •   244 Gr 400

United States of America

  •   ASTM A516 gr 60
  •   ASME SA 516 gr 60
  •   ASTM A414E

India : IS 2002 Grade 1

Japan : SG295

Germany ( Europe) 

  •   ST45.8
  •   EN 1.0425
  •   DIN 17155 hii


En 10028 P265gh Steel Plate Mechanical Properties

Thickness (millimeter) Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation A(%)  -20 Dec Impact Energy (J) 0 Dec Impact Energy (J) +20 degree celsius Impact Energy (J)
  P265GH ≤16 ≥265  MPa 410 MPa-530 MPa
≥22 ≥27  ≥34  ≥40
16 millimeter-40 millimeter
≥255 MPa 410  MPa-530 MPa
41millimeter -60 millimeter
≥245 MPa 410 MPa-530 MPa
61 millimeter -100 millimeter
≥215 MPa 410 MPa-530 MPa
100 millimeter -150 millimeter
≥200 MPa 400 MPa-530 MPa
150 millimeter -250 millimeter
≥185 MPa 390 MPa-530 MPa


P265gh Plate Chemical Composition

CARBON Silicon Manganese
0.25 max 0.10 - 0.35 0.60 - 1.40 0.030max 0.030max
0.25 max 0.30max 0.10max 0.30max  


for the normalized condition Impact energy values of P265GH 

  -20°C 0°C +20°C
27J minimum 34J minimum 40 J minimum

P265GH Material tensile Requirements

up to 16 millimeter 265 minimum 410 MPa  to 530 MPa  22 minimum
16 millimeter to 40 millimeter 255 minimum 410 MPa  to 530 MPa  22 minimum
Above 40 millimeter to 60 millimeter 245 minimum 410 MPa  to 530 MPa  22 minimum
Above 60 millimeter to 100 millimeter 215 minimum 410 MPa  to 530 MPa  22 minimum
Above 100 millimeter to 150 millimeter 200 minimum 400 MPa  to 530 MPa  22 minimum
Above 150 millimeter to 250 millimeter 185 minimum 390 MPa  to 530 MPa  22 minimum


Pressure Vessel Steel Plates P265GH Applications

  • oil & gas industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • chemical industry