P355NL2 Plate


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P355NL2 Plate



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What is P355NL2 Plate?

P355NL2 is a moderate to high strength structural steel grade. The P355NL2 Plate is a fine-grained module designed with a superior chemical composition giving the versatile modules of the P355nl2 grade excellent resistance against corrosive media across stress-induced environments. The P355nl2 Steel possesses good strength and shows outstanding resistance against brittle cracking in the system. Components of the En 10028 3 grade show excellent performance in low-temperature systems ranging lower than -20 degrees.

These En 10028-3 grade items are normalized in temperatures between 900 to 950 degrees C allowing the versatile P355nl2-nh grade modules to exhibit superior hardness and strength. As a result, these high-strength components of the p355nl2/nh grade possess superb cold and hot forming properties. The fine-grained structures possess good mechanical properties across different environments. The robust modules of the P355 Nl2 grade exhibit superior ductility, allowing them to be welded easily to subsequent modules. The p355nl2 en 10028-3 grade is widely seen in use in pressure vessels, compressors, pressure piping, steam boiler parts, etc.

P355NL2 Plate


P355nl1 Vs P355nl2

P355nl1 and P355nl2 are structural steel grades possessing similar chemical compositions and most mechanical properties. The major difference between the EN 10028:3 P355NL1 and P355NL2 grades is that the P355nl2 has higher notch toughness over the P355nl1 grade.


EN10028-3 Grade P355NL2 Steel Plate Specification

  • Grade: EN10028-3 Grade P355NL2 Steel Plates
  • Thickness: 6mm to 300mm,
  • Width: 1500mm to 4050mm,
  • Length: 3000mm to 15000mm
  • Certification : Mill Test Reports Available as per EN 10204 3.1


P355nl2 vs S355nl

The P355nl2 is a grade designed to be utilized across extremely low-temperature setups. S355nl is employed in low-temperature systems but not as low as the P355nl2 grade.

Check Comparison of P355nh vs P355nl2, Several sizes are available in EN10028-3 Grade P355NL2 Steel Plate


Price of EN10028-3 P355NL2 steel plate

Description Price
P355nl2 Hot Rolled Steel Boiler Plate for Pressure Vessel US $ 2000-2500 / Ton
Boiler Steel Plate P355nl2 US $ 460-590 / Ton
P355nl2 Pressure Vessel Steel Plate US $ 699-799 / Ton
P355nl2 10mm Mild Iron Carbon Steel Plate/Strip for Boiler Container Steel  US $ 650-850 / Ton
P355nl2 Galvanized Alloy Hot Rolled Steel Boiler Sheet for Pressure Vessel US $ 633-897 / Ton
P355nl2 Pressure Vessel Steel Sheet  US $ 700 / Ton


P355nh Vs P355nl2

P355nh and P355nl2 grades are fine-grained steel grade. The EN10028-3 P355NL2 Pressure Vessel Steel Plates work well in optimum low-temperature systems and possess exceptional notch toughness. The versatile EN10028-3 P355NL2 steel plate works well in temperatures up to -50 degrees C. The P355nh grade is designed to work in elevated temperature systems. The steel grade offers optimum performance in temperatures up to 400 degrees C.

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P355NL2  normally comes in thickness up to 200 mm, In our stockyard you can find in widths like  1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters and up to 3.5 meters. We are known as master stockists of pressure vessel grades and heavy plates so many other suppliers and exporters in Mumbai and Gujarat buy from us when they get orders. 


What are P355nl2 Impact Test

P355nl2 Impact Test is performed to check the amount of energy this grade can absorb during fracture. The plates are subjected to Izod and Charpy tests wherein the material is hit with a controlled weight pendulum at a specified speed and low temperatures in this grade. The energy is measured, indicating the notch toughness of the P355nl2 material.


P355nl2 Equivalent ASTM/ASME Material

P355nl2 material is a fine-grained structural steel grade. The ASTM/ASME P355nl2 Equivalent Material is the ASTM A516 grade 70 grade. This ASTM grade is generally specified for use in Asia.


Common Types of P355NL2 Plate

P355NL2 Plate
P355NL2 Plate
En 10028 3 P355NL2/NH Steel Plate
En 10028 3 P355NL2/NH Steel Plate
DIN 1.1106 plate
DIN 1.1106 plate
EN10028-3 Grade P355NL2 Steel Plate
EN10028-3 Grade P355NL2 Steel Plate
P355NL1 Steel Plate
P355NL1 Steel Plate
P355NL2-NH Plate
P355NL2-NH Plate


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DIN 1.1106 plate Thickness in mm

18 20 22 25 28 30 32 35
6 8 10 11 12 14 15 16
40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75
80 90 100 110        


P355nl2 Material Properties

P355nl2 is a structural steel grade designed with superior hardness. Designed in thickness between 5mm up to 300mm, the P355nl2 grade shows superior tensile strength between 490mpa to 630mpa. The versatile module has a minimum yield strength of 355mpa and can be easily elongated by a minimum of 22%.


P355nl2 Mechanical Properties

Respective Grade Material Thickness

Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation
 millimetre MPa (minimum) MPa % (minimum)
P355NL2 1.1106 ≤ 16 millimetre 355 minimum    
16> millimetre to ≤35 millimetre
355 minimum    
35> millimetre   to ≤50 millimetre 
345 minimum    
50> millimetre  to ≤70 millimetre  325 minimum 490 minimum to 630 minimum
22 minimum
70>  millimetre  to ≤100 millimetre  315 minimum 470 minimum to 610 minimum
21 minimum
100>  millimetre  to ≤150 millimetre  295 minimum 450 minimum to 590 minimum
21 minimum
>150 millimetre  1 1) 1) 


stock of p355nl2 en 10028-3 in Mumbai, India

  • Width: Up to 3 meters and lower also ( As a piece). 
  • Thickness: 6 mm – 200 mm
  • Certification with supply:  en 10204 type 3.1 and 3.2
  • Length: Up to 12 meters and less also ( As we also supply cut to size)
  • Material Number: 1.1106


EN10028-3 Grade P355NL2 Steel Plate Tensile Strength ( Thickness Wise)

up to 16 millimetre 355 minimum  490 MPa  to 630 MPa 22 minimum 
16 millimetre to 40 millimetre 345 minimum  490 MPa to 630 MPa 22 minimum 
40 millimetre to 60 millimetre 335 minimum  490 MPa to 630 MPa 22 minimum 
60 millimetre to 100 millimetre 315 minimum  470 MPa to 610 MPa 21 minimum 
100 millimetre to 150 millimetre 305 minimum  460 MPa to 600 MPa 21 minimum 
150 millimetre to 250 millimetre 295 minimum  450 MPa to 590 MPa 21 minimum 


P355nl2 Chemical Composition


P355NL2 0.18 0.50 1.10-1.70 0.020 0.005 0.020min 0.012 0.30
Titanium Vanadium

P355NL2 0.30 0.08 0.05 0.50 0.03 0.10 0.12  


Equivalent Grades of P355NL2 steel plate

Equivalent steel grade of P355NL2











E St E355









P355 Nl2 Longitudinal Stress


P355NL2 42 J minimum  45 J minimum  55 J minimum  75 J minimum  85 J minimum 


P355nl2-nh Horizontal Stress


P355NL2 27 J min 30 J min 40 J min 60 J min 70 J min