S355J2G3 Plate


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S355J2G3 Plate



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What is S355j2g3 plate?

S355j2g3 is a structural steel plates designed with a low carbon concentration. The superior chemical concentration in the S355j2g3 plate gives these components enhanced tolerance to corrosive and oxidative media across different environments. S355j2g3 Steel offers superior tolerances against pitting by acids and attacks from crevice corrosion across stress-induced systems.

The S355j2g3 1.0570 grade provides outstanding hardness and strength to the modules enabling them to carry heavy loads. En10025 S355j2g3 grade modules exhibit superior mechanical strength and thickness. The low carbon grade can be easily machined and subsequently welded. The S355j2g3n grade material is widely seen in structural and offshore industries.

S355J2G3 Plate


What Exactly S355j2g3 Material Chemical Composition

S355j2g3 material is designed with a chemical composition consisting of 0.20% of carbon, 0.55% of silicon, 1.60% of manganese with 0.035% of phosphorous and silicon. The versatile grade also consists of 0.45% of copper with 0.30% of chromium and nickel coupled with 0.45% of carbon equivalent content.


Buying Tips for S355j2g3 Steel Plates

Quality is the main ingredient for purchasing any steel product. The first and important step is to evaluate the S355J2G3 Plates properties and check their usability and applications to your project. The next important step is to select the EN 10025 S355J2G3 Plates with correct dimensions and sizes to prevent wastage and avoid unnecessary costs for cutting and shearing the modules.

Plan the purchase of the EN 10025-2 S355J2G3 High Strength Structural Steel Plates in advance. This helps in eliminating any problems of shortage or price rise of the model. Transporting and logistics of the Hot Rolled Steel Plates S355J2G3 grade from the retailer to the project site incurs a lot of costs. Selecting a dealer who has multiple stores having EN 10025-2 S355J2G3 structural steel plates in stock is highly desirable. Furthermore, purchase these products from a trusted retailer who can provide all test reports and product details of the S355J2G3 German Steel Plates.


What Is The Cut To Size En10025 S355j2g3 Plate Supplier Adavantage

 The main advantage of a cut to size alloy is that the requirement of cutting or wasting material will be avoided. These modules can be cut into exact sizes to fit the requirement of the project. This is what buying from a cut to size alloy steel plates supplier can offer you. Not only will it save the costs of the material but also save time and space required to store and dispose of excess material.


Enquire today if you're seeking for a dealer or distributor to acquire EN 10025 S355J2G3 Plates. view Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties of S355j2g3


S355J2G3 Carbon Steel Plate Specification

Item S355J2G3 - Offshore & Structural Plates
Width 1000mm-4500mm
Thickness 5mm-150mm
Length 3000mm-18000mm or as custom’s request
Technique hot rolled
Material En 10025-2 Steel Plate, S355J2G3 Plates
Standard EN 10025-2:2004


Price of EN 10025 S355J2G3 Plates

Description Price
S355J2G3 High Strength Low Alloy Plates US $500-800 / Metric Ton
din standard s355j2g3 steel plates US $450-850 / Ton
DIN 1.0570 hot rolled plates US $0.1-5 / Piece
S355J2G3 A572M hot rolled steel plates with high quality US $400-430 / Ton
7.3mm thick hot rolled mild steel plates sheet DIN 1.0570 US $400-430 / Ton
pressure steel plates 10mm s355j2g3  US $350-450 / Ton
S355J2G3 Carbon plates US $440-1545 / Metric Ton
DIN 1.0570 hot rolled steel plates for ship building US $685-985 / Ton
s355j2g3 steel plates US $400-512 / Ton
DIN 1.0570 Low Alloy Steel 0.3mm Thick Plates  US $ 700-800 / Ton
High-Strength Steel Plates S355j2g3  US $ 699-799 / Ton
S355j2g3 25mm Thick Mild Plates US $ 650-700 / Ton


S355j2g3 vs S355j2+n

S355j2g3 and S355j2+n are structural steel grades and are supplied in normalized conditions.

  • The major difference between both these modules is that the S355j2+n grade has a higher impact test result than the other grade.
  •  The S355j2g3 grade possesses a lower carbon concentration making it highly ductile and machinable over the S355j2+n grade.


En 10025 S355j2g3 Equivalent Material In India

S355j2g3 Equivalent Indian Standard

The European S355j2g3 has an equivalent Indian standard of Fe540WHT grade

Grade EN 10025 Material steel grades Comparison
DIN 1.0570 50 D BS 4360
Fe 510 D UNI 7070
AE 355 D UNE 36.080
St 52-3 N DIN 17100


we are an exporter and stockholder of S355J2G3 N Hot Rolled Steel Plates. Triton conducts hardness, hydrostatic, flattening, and other tests Before the plates are supplied


S355j2g3 Vs S355j2g4

S355j2g3 and S355j2g4 are different grades of the versatile S355j2g structural grade. The major differentiating factor between both these grades is that the S355j2g3 grade is supplied in normalized or normalized rolled conditions. An S355j2g4 grade is supplied based on the manufacturer's discretion.


S355j2g3 Chemical Composition












DIN 1.0570

0.20 max.

0.55 max.

0.30 max.

0.035 max.

1.60 max.

0.020 max.

0.30 max.

0.035 max.

0.30 max.

0.45 max.


S355j2g3 Mechanical Properties



(Mpa) Min Yield Strength

Thickness (mm)


Min Impact Energy

DIN 1.0570


315 -355 Mpa

8 -100

450-630 Mpa




285 -295Mpa

101 -200

450-600 Mpa




275 Mpa

201 -400

450-600 Mpa



Application of 1.0570 Plates

  • dump trucks
  • transmission towers
  • trailers
  • cranes
  • freight cars
  • excavators
  • bull dozers


Most Common Types of S355J2G3 Plates

S355j2G3+N Steel Plate
S355j2G3+N Steel Plates
DIN 1.0570 Plate
DIN 1.0570 Plates
S355J2G3 Plate
S355J2G3 Plates
S355j2G3 Material
S355j2G3 Material
S355j2g3n Plate
S355j2g3n Plates
EN 10025-2 S355J2G3 Plate
EN 10025-2 S355J2G3 Plates


S355J2G3 German Steel Plates can be delivered to any destination. Our experienced sales engineers and procurement specialists can assist you in determining the best solution for your requirements.


Additional Services and Technical Need

  • Low temperature impacting test
  • under EN 10204 FORMAT 3.1/3.2 Orginal Mill test certificate Issued
  • Rolling under standard NACE MR-0175 (HIC+SSCC)
  • Ultrasonic test under ASTM A577, A435, EN 10160, A578
  • Cutting and welding, Shot blasting and Painting, as per customer need