S355J2W+N Plates


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S355J2W+N Plates



S355j2w N Equivalent Indian Standard

it is an Indian specification whose steel no is 1.8963. Its DIN, WNr specification is the WTSt 52-3 with USX CORP proprietary, of COR-TEN B ®. The European standard for this grade is S355J2G2W with JIS SMA50CP and BS WR50C.


View Difference of s355j2w+N price in india and Malaysia

The prices of steel keep changing over time based on supply and demand. s355j2w+N price in India is $1.2 per kg. Similarly, in Malaysia, the prices of these modules start at $2.8 per kg.


S355j2w+N properties

these grades are weathered structural steel grades. S355J2W+N Corten Steel Plates are designed with a nominal thickness of a minimum of 6mm, extending up to 200mm or more. The it is designed with superior mechanical properties. The robust modules of this versatile grade off Corten Steel S355J2W+N Plates have a tensile strength between 510mpa to 680mpa. They possess a minimum yield strength of 355mpa.

The DIN 1.8965 Corten Steel High Tensile Plates can be easily elongated by a minimum of 20% and still possess good workability in the system. it can withstand cryogenic temperatures up to -20 degrees C while having moderate to high service temperatures. 

Corten Steel EN 10025 S355J2W Plates are designed with a notch impact energy of a minimum of 27J in the system. These modules have enhanced resistance to corrosive media in stress-induced setups. Apart from this, the S355J2W+N Plates perform well in environments containing high levels of halides and chlorides.

S355j2w+N chemical composition

this is designed with a superior concentration of 0.13% carbon, 0.4% silicon, 0.2% to 0.6% manganese, 0.035% phosphorous and 0.03% sulfur. The grade also has constituents of 0.25% to 0.55% copper with 0.4% to 0.8% chromium, 0.65% nickel, 0.03% of molybdenum and 0.44% of carbon equivalent.


S355j2w+n Welding

it can be welded using standard welding procedures, making use of high-strength color matching fillers. During the welding process if a single weld is necessary then standard electrodes covering E7018 and ER70S-6 are utilized. When multiple passes are necessary, any filler metal with nickel alloyed in it can be used to fix these components. Before initiating the welding process the modules have to be prepared by preheating to produce optimum welds.


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S355J2W+N Corten Steel Plates Price list

Description S355j2w+n plates Price
S355j2w+n Weathering Plate US $ 550-900 / Ton
En10025 S355j2w+n Anti-Corrosion Weather Resistant Sheet US $ 500-850 / Ton
DIN 1.8965 Weather Resistant Sheet US $ 499-599 / Ton
S355j2w+n SPA-H Weather Resisting Coil US $ 600-650 / Ton
DIN 1.8965 Sheet US $ 500-520 / Ton
S355j2w+n Corten Plate US $ 550-900 / Ton


What is S355J2W+N Plates?

DIN 1.8965 is a standard weather-resistant structural grade. The S355J2W+N Plate are designed with a superior chemical concentration containing different alloys in different proportions. The superior concentration in the S355j2w n plate gives these modules enhanced corrosion resistance across different stress-induced environments. The S355J2W+N Steel Plate possess superior strength, toughness, and stiffness, allowing these modules to carry heavy loads.

An S355J2W Weathering Steel Plate creates a layer of film over itself, which protects it against attacks from environmental pollutants in the system. The modules of S355j2W Steel Plate show enhanced resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. In annealing conditions, these versatile modules become slightly magnetic when the EN10025 S355J2W+N grade is cold worked or welded.

This grade is used in cryogenic and high-temperature setups. Designed with enhanced mechanical properties, the S355J2W Sheet performs well in different environments. These sheets offer good durability and excellent flexibility. This S355J2 W+N Sheet is widely used in oil and gas, chemical processing, fertilizers, and power industries.

S355J2W+N Plates


Specification of S355J2W N Plate

  • Grade : S355J2W+N Plate
  • Length : 3000 - 15000mm
  • Width : 1500 - 4050mm
  • Thickness : 6 - 200mm
  • Standard : A242 / ASME SA588, ASTM A588, SA242
  • Process : Hot-Rolled (HR)
  • Type : High-Strength Low-alloy Structural /Corten Steel


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Most Frequently Used DIN 1.8965 Plate

S355J2W+N Plates
S355J2W+N Plates
S355J2W N Plates
S355J2W N Plates
S355J2W+N Steel Plates
S355J2W+N Steel Plates
EN10025-5 S355J2W+N Steel Plate
EN10025-5 S355J2W+N Steel Plate
DIN 1.8965 Plate
DIN 1.8965 Plate
S355J2W Sheet
S355J2W Sheet


S355j2w N Plates Equivalent

CORTEN EN Material
Corten B EN 10025-5:2004 S355J2W


Mechanical Properties of S355J2W+N Plates


Thickness (mm) <16 MIN. MPA >16 <40 >40 <63 >63 <80 >80 <100 >100 <150
S355J2W 355 345 335 325 315 295



Nominal Thickness (mm) >3 >3 <100 >100 <150
S355J2W 510/680 MPA 470/630 450/600


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DIN 1.8965 Steel Plates Chemical Composition

Si 0.50
C 0.16
Mn 0.50/1.50
P 0.030
S 0.030
N 0.009
Cr 0.40/0.80
Cu 0.25/0.55


Application of S355J2W Sheet

  • External Wall Claddings of Buildings
  • Steel Sculptured Buildings
  • Gas Flue and Aesthetic Facias
  • Transport Tanks
  • Welded Structures
  • Weather Strips
  • Freight Container


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