S355MC Steel Plate


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S355MC Steel Plate


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What Exactly EN 10149-2 S355MC Steel Plate?

EN 10149-2 S355MC is a mild carbon structural steel grade. EN 10149-2 S355MC Steel Plate is designed with an excellent chemical composition giving these modules enhanced tolerance and resistances. The S355mc Plate is an abrasion-resistant grade that shows excellent resistance to wear and tear across stress-induced environments. The versatile S355mc Material possesses superior yield strength, allowing it to carry heavy loads and weights.

The robust items of the 1.0976 Material are very formable and show significant resistance against weathering by various elements in nature. DIN 1.0976 Plate provides outstanding stability and heat resistance in low as well as high temperatures in pressure vessel plates. The diverse EN 10149-2 S355MC Plates show superb resistance against acids and reducing agents as they have lower brittleness than other abrasion-resistant grades. The EN 1.0976 Sheet adds an aesthetical appeal to the system and focuses more on weight-saving rather than providing stability to the modules.

EN 10149-2 S355MC Automotive Steel Plate offers good flanging and bordering, allowing it to be used in automotive wheels and frames. The EN 10149-2 S355MC steel material 1.0976 offers long service life while having excellent tensile strength and hardness in the system. The BS EN 10149-2 hot rolled steel coil is processed at high temperatures and is directly wound after the rolling process. These coils can be easily transported from place to place.

EN 10149-2 Grade S700MC Plates have an excellent yield strength of minimum 700mpa and offer exceptional dimensional accuracy while providing a perfect finish. The S355MC steel plate is widely seen in cold-rolled sections, longitudinal beams, structural pipes, automobile components, etc.

S355MC Steel Plate


S355mc Equivalent Material In India

S355mc belongs to the Euro norm specification of EN 10149-2. The En 10149-2 S355mc Equivalent is DIN, WNr QStE360TM, JIS SPFH540, with France having the AFNOR E355D and E390D grade.  in England is BS 46F35 and BS 46F40, with Italy having the UNI FeE355TM grade and Spain showcasing the UNE AE390HC grade.


What Does Mc Stand For in S355mc

The Mc stands for mild grade. The number 355 before the mc states the yield strength of this material grade.


Properties of En 10149 2 S355mc Steel

it is a high-strength grade possessing superior yield strength and high abrasion resistance in the system. The items in this range are weather-resistant and hardened due to the superior carbon concentration embedded in them.


Mechanical Properties of S355mc

this grade possesses a minimum tensile strength between 430mpa to 550mpa with a minimum yield strength of 355mpa. These components can be easily elongated by a minimum of 19% with a bent stem diameter of 0.5t%.


Chemical Composition of S355mc

this is designed with a superior chemical composition consisting of 0.12% carbon. 0.50% silicon, 1.5% manganese, 0.025% phosphorus with 0.02% of sulfur and 0.015% aluminium. Apart from this the grade also exhibits 0.09% of niobium, 0.2% of vanadium and 0.15% of titanium.


S355mc Material Specification

Specification EN 10149-2 S355MC, 1.0976
Test certificates EN 10204 2.2/3.1 
Norm EN 10149-2
Nr. 1.0976
Rolling State AR- As rolled
Standard ASTM, ASME and API
Thickness range 1.5 – 20mm (grade specific)
Width range 750 – 2070mm (grade specific)
Surface treatment Hot rolled dry, pickled & oiled
  • Structural 
  • Construction
  • Tanks
  • Yellow goods
  • Engineering
  • Bridge construction
  • Rail
  • Energy & Power Industry
Brands JSW, SAIL, Dillinger, Uttam, Essar, Clabecq, POSCO, Thyssen, JSPL, TATA, and Mills


EN 10149-2 S355MC Steel Plate Price

Description Price
Low Alloy High Strength S355mc Steel Plate US $499 - $599 / Ton
S355mc 10mm Thick Hot Rolled Steel Plate Price Per Kg US $1150 - $1450 / Ton
S355mc Hot Rolled Plates with High Yield Strength  US $ 1150-1450 / Ton
Hot Rolled Mild Steel Sheet Price S355mc US $ 600-800 / Ton
En10149 S355mc High Strength Steel Plate in Stock US $ 499-599 / Ton
S355mc Carbon Steel Plates US $ 580-600 / Ton
15mm S355mc Black Carbon Steel Plate US $ 500-900 / Ton


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Steel Plate S355MC Tolerances

Hot Rolled Plate S355MC
EN 10051
4mm to ≤ 5mm ±.30mm
3mm to ≤ 4mm ±.28mm
6mm to ≤ 8mm ±.35mm
5mm to ≤ 6mm ±.32mm
8mm to ≤ 10mm ±.38mm
12.5mm to ≤ 15mm ±.44mm
10mm to ≤ 12.5mm ±.41mm
15mm to ≤ 25mm ±.48mm


S355mc Vs S355j2

S355mc and S355j2 are structural grades having different characteristics.The S355j2 grade is designed with a superior chemical concentrating and higher tensile strength over the S355mc grade. The S355mc is more ductile and slightly cheaper than the S355j2 grade.


En 10149-2 S355mc Equivalent

S355MC EN 10149-2
W. Nr.: 1.0976
QStE 380TM SEW092
France AFNOR E355D NFA36-231
FeE355TM UNI8890
050XLK England BS HR 43 F 35


QStE360TM S355MC Gr.50 SPFH540 46F35
FeE355TM 2642 AE390HC FeE355


W. Nr. England
E355D 1.0976 HR 43 F 35


Common Types of S355MC Steel Plate

EN 10149-2 S355MC Steel Plate
EN 10149-2 S355MC Steel Plate
EN 1.0976 Sheet
EN 1.0976 Sheet
S355MC Plate
S355MC Plate
S355MC Material
S355MC Material
EN 10149-2 S355MC Plates
EN 10149-2 S355MC Plates
EN 10149-2 Grade S355MC Plates
EN 10149-2 Grade S355MC Plates


S355MC Automotive Steel Plate can be delivered in the shortest period possible. View Thickness chart


Steel Plate S355MC Thickness

Thickness in  (mm) Thickness in (Inches)
6 0.24
5 0.2
9 0.35
8 0.31
11 0.43
10 0.39
12 0.47
14 0.55
15 0.59
13 0.51
16 0.63
18 0.71
20 0.79
17 0.67
25 0.98
28 1.1
22 0.87
32 1.26
35 1.38
30 1.18
38 1.5
45 1.77
50 1.97
40 1.57
55 2.17
65 2.56
70 2.76
60 2.36
75 2.95
90 3.54
100 3.94
80 3.15
110 4.33
125 4.92
120 4.72
130 5.12
150 5.91
300 11.81
160 6.3
140 5.51
170 6.69
190 7.48
180 7.09
200 7.87
230 9.06
210 8.27
250 9.84


1.0976 Material Mechanical Properties

Material A-Minimum elongation  Lo=Lo=80mm(%) ReH-Minimun yield stress Nominal thickness (mm) ReH-Minimun yield stress ReH-Minimun yield stress
S355MC 19 355 Mpa to3 355 Mpa 355 Mpa


Chemical Composition of S355MC Plates

Material Al Si V Nb C Mn S Ti P
EN 10149-2 S355MC 0.015 0,50 max 0.2 0.09 0,12 max 1.5 max 0.02 0.15 0.025 max


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