S960QL Steel Plate


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S960QL Steel Plate



What is S960QL Steel Plate?

S960QL is a high-strength structural grade. S960QL Steel Plate is designed with different chemical elements giving them superior performance and enhanced resistance. The S960ql  is quenched and tempered, giving the subsequent modules enhanced strength and abrasion resistance across stress-induced systems. Structural Steel 960 shows outstanding resistance to wear and tear while showing enhanced tolerance to weathering.

The S960 material possesses superior surface quality and superb bendability in different environments. Designed with exceptional consistency, the Steel 960 exhibits high impact toughness while providing enhanced resistance against stress fracture. The versatile S960mc grade exhibits superior yield strengths of minimum 960mpa, giving it outstanding load-bearing capacity. 

S960 Ql modules possess good weldability and excellent toughness with HAZ strength in the system. The Steel 960mc comes in thickness between 4mm up to 35mm. It has an impact hardness of 40J with excellent notch toughness. The S960QL High Strength Structural Steel Plate is widely used in heavy transport, mining industry, lifting material, and so on.

S960QL Steel Plate


Hardness of S960ql

S960ql is a high-strength grade designed with a Brinell hardness of 414HBW.

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Before Buy Structural 960 Plate Remember Top 10 Point

Purchasing any product, the main aim should be to focus on quality over anything. Below listed are a few tips to purchase the best products

  1.   Identify key features of the 960 structural plate that would suit your operation.
  2.   Purchase products in correct dimensions to avoid unnecessary costs for cutting or shearing.
  3.   Check and identify other modules having similar properties and compare them.
  4.   Good transportation and logistics help in cutting down costs
  5.   Purchase in bulk to avoid shortages or price rise
  6.   Book products in advance
  7.   Evaluate the buying options and check payment methods available
  8.   Access test results to eliminate the presence of flaws or defects within the components
  9.   Buy from trusted stores
  10.   Ensure transparency and access to all documents before finalizing the purchase.


S960QL Steel Plate Specification

Material EN 10025-6 S960QL
  • EN 10025-6
  • EN 10029
  • EN 10163-2
  • S = Structural Steels
  • 960 MPa= minimum yield strength
  • Q = Quenching and Tempering
  • L = Low notch toughness testing temperature
Test certificates EN 10204 2.2/3.1 
Dimension Range
  • 4.0 - 120.0 mm thickness
  •  width: up to 3350 mm
  • length: up to 14630 mm
SSAB Brand
  • Strenx® 960 E : EN 10 025-6 S960QL
  • Strenx® 960 F :  EN 10 025-6 S960QL1


Brands JSW, Dillinger, SAIL, TATA, Thyssen, Essar, POSCO, Uttam, Clabecq, JSPL, and Mills


Structural Steel 960 Plate Price

Description Price
En 10025-6 S960ql High Strength Plate  US $ 1050-1350 / Ton
S960ql High Strength Sheet US $ 519-619 / Ton
En10025 Low Alloy Plate S960q S690ql  US $ 1050-1350 / Ton
S960 Structural Plate US $ 600-800 / Ton
S960q High Strength Sheet US $ 499-599 / Ton
High Strength Plate S960ql US $ 519-619 / Ton


Steel 960 Plate Grade Designation

  • L = Low notch toughness testing temperature
  • 960 = minimum yield strength (MPa)
  • S = Structural Steels
  • Q = Quenching & Tempering


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S960ql Plate Temperature And Pressure

S960ql Plate is a quenched and tempered grade that shows optimum performance in low temperatures up to -40 degrees C. These modules possess moderate high-temperature tolerance in temperatures of 300 degrees C or more. These versatile grades are suitable in moderate to high-temperature setups.


Basic Types of S960QL Steel Plate

S960QL Steel Plate
S960QL Steel Plate
S960mc Plate
S960mc Plate
S960QL High Strength Structural Steel Plate
S960QL High Strength Structural Steel Plate
Structural Steel 960 Plate
Structural Steel 960 Plate
Strenx 960 MC Sheet
Strenx 960 MC Sheet
EN 10025-6 S960QL Structural steel Plate
EN 10025-6 S960QL Structural steel Plate


Dealer & Distributors of below

Essar Steel
JFE Steel Corporation
Essar Steel
JFE Steel Corporation
JSW Steel Ltd.
Salzgitter AG
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal
JSW Steel Ltd.

Salzgitter AG

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal


S960ql Steel Plate Weight

S960ql Steel Plate Weight


S960 High Strength Steel Plates Stock Sizes

S960QL 60/96/120 0.7500 480
60/96/120 0.5000 480
60/96/120 0.3750 480
60/96/120 0.6250 480
60/96/120 1.0000 480
60/96/120 0.8750 480
60/96/120 1.2500 480
60/96/120 1.1250 480
60/96/120 1.7500 480
60/96/120 1.5000 480
60/96/120 2.2500 480
60/96/120 2.0000 480
60/96/120 2.7500 480
60/96/120 2.5000 480
60/96/120 4.0000 480
60/96/120 3.5000 480
60/96/120 3.0000 480


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What are S960ql Equivalent Astm?

S960ql is a high-strength structural grade. The ASTM S960ql Equivalent is the ASTM Q345 exhibiting outstanding low temperature and cold stamping properties.  


S960ql Welding Process

S960ql grade can be welded using standard welding processes. Generally, the gas metal arc welding process is employed in welding these modules. MIG is an arc welding process that utilizes heat produced by creating an arc between the metal piece and an electrode. The electrode is melted to form a strong weld.

The major problem of welding these high-strength quenched and tempered plated is cold cracking. This can be overcome using filler material of similar or lower strength to the base metal in this grade.

Structural Steel 960 Impact Properties

Material Min impact energy, Charpy V 10x10 mm tests specimens, transverse test,
S960QL 40 J/ - 40 Degree C
S960QL1 27 J/ - 60 Degree C


Maximum Carbon equivalent CET(CEV)

Thickness 4.0-34.9 35.0-120.0
CET(CEV) 0.38(0.58) 0.41(0.67)


S960 QL Steel Plate Chemical Composition

Si 00.80
C 00.20
Mn 1.70
P 00.020
S 00.010
N 00.015
B 00.0050
Cr 1.50
Cu 00.50
Mo 00.70
Nb 00.06
Ni 2.0
Ti 00.05
V 00.12
Zr 00.15


Mechanical Properties of Strenx 960 MC Sheet Plate

Thickness of material (mm)

Yield strength Rp0.2(min MPa)

Tensile strength Rm(MPa)

Elongation A5(min %)

4.0 - 53.0 mm 960 MPa 980 - 1150 MPa 12%
53.1 - 120.0 mm 850 MPa 900 - 1100 MPa 10%


Quenched & Tempered S960QL Steel Plate Equivalent

Material SSAB Brand
S960QL Strenx® 960 E
S960QL1 Strenx® 960 F


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Steel 960mc Plate Typical Application

  • bucket parts for power
  • components for earthmoving or transport equipment
  • penstocks
  • fabricated bridges tower and building members
  • dipper sticks
  • turbine scroll cases and Unfired pressure vessels
  • shovels or cranes


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Must View S960ql Steel Properties

High strength S960ql is designed with diverse properties. The superior S960ql Steel Properties allow the modules to have minimum yield strength of 960mpa with a tensile strength between 980mpa to 1150mpa. These components can be easily elongated by a minimum of 10% in the system.