Steel Plate Packaging

plate-packaging-processPackaging is the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.Our packaging for sheet and plate are critical to minimising product damage.A range of innovative solutions has been installed that do not damage product

Sheet and plate are packed on strong wooden pallets and with secure strapping to withstand extensive handling and transportation.The sheets are first strapped together into packages with at least two steel straps in the transverse and longitudinal direction. The edges should then be covered with edge protectors made from e.g. paperboard, in order to protect subsequent layers of paper and film packaging from mechanical damage (creasing or tearing). Then, the first ply used is a fiber-reinforced packaging or plastic coated kraft paper, it being essential for the film-coated side to face outwards. In the case of unoiled cold-rolled sheet, a corrosion protection paper (e.g. VCI paper) should be used instead of the kraft paper. This part of the packaging is capable of binding any moisture which may form within the packaging.

A plastic film (PE) of a minimum thickness of 150 µm should be used as the second ply. Alternatively, two plies of thinner films (e.g. 100 µm) may also be used. The edges must be provided with edge protectors (paperboard, plastic) in order to protect the film from mechanical damage. The third ply of the packaging consists of scrap sheet metal (hardboard elements may also be used for inland transport) on the side and end faces and on the top and bottom. Finally, the package should be fastened onto a strong wooden skid (pallet made from nailed or screwed longitudinal and transverse lumber members) by at least two steel straps in the longitudinal direction and, depending upon length, with at last three steel straps in the transverse direction.


We offer multiple packaging options to meet your specific requirements.

  • Air Skid
  • Box Skid
  • Flat Skid
  • Ocean Skid Solid Bottom
  • Shear Box


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