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The weight of steel is a very important aspect that helps in planning the entire project. To accurately get, a Steel Plate Weight Calculator is utilized. This calculator correctly evaluates the size of the grade and material density to find the weight of the module. it also helps in estimating the quantity of steel to transport the weights. it can be calculated with the steel plate weight calculation formula.  

For example the length of a plates L=1m, breadth B= 1m and thickness T =10mm = 0.01m. Here Volume =L X B X T =0.01m3. Now the steel plate = volume X density, where density is 7850 kgm3 so the weight of the plates will be 78.5 kg.


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Steel Plate Weight Calculator



Calculate the weight of 16mo3 Plate and 310h Material using this calculator

A checker plate is a versatile module that is aesthetically appealing and used in different industries. The checker plate weight calculator has to keep in mind the surrounding area and the material used in producing the plate. This will allow it to be precisely stamped in different designs to meet customer satisfaction. The 6mm Chequered Plate Weight Calculator has to measure the 6mm thick plate along with the chequers above it.

This increases the overall weights of this grade when compared to ordinary plain grades. The ms checkered plate weight calculator can estimate the chequer's weights to be approximately above 6.1 kg/m2 or more on top of the plate weights. If you want to know in detail about the different plates of different configurations, contact us or visit any of our outlets for more information


Weight of Plates and Sheet

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this calculator is using formula for calculation is L/1000 * W/1000 * T * S


formula used by this tool is: L/1000 * W/1000 * T * S

  • S = Specific material density ( 7.85)
  • W = Width in mm
  • L = Length in mm
  • T = Thickness in mm


The calculator was created with the utmost care and consideration. Despite this, Rime cannot ensure that the calculated result is accurate!



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