Steel Strip Weight Calculator


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Steel strips are metal components designed with low thickness that are pickled and used in different applications. A Steel Strip Weight Calculator is used to find the weight of the module so it is suited for use in different applications. These strips are made up of different chemical constituents and features that set them apart. A Copper Strip Weight Calculator evaluates the size of the grade and material density to find the weight of the module. The amount of copper within these strips plays a pivotal role in determining its weight. Copper Strip Calculator is calculated by taking the volume of the strip by multiplying the length, width, and thickness of the grade.

This is followed by multiplying the volume by the density of the grade. The Cu Strip Weight Calculator can easily evaluate custom-designed grades that can meet all your project requirements. The sizes of the strips play a pivotal role in getting the correct figure in the Ms Strip Weight Calculator. Here the content of carbon with other constituents influences the overall weight of the grade. Similar to this, the Calculator Gi Strip Weight Per Meter is widely dependent on the gauge thickness and shape of the strip calculated.


Get Weight tables of metal strips (flat bars) that meet a variety of technical requirements (ISO, DIN etc.)


Steel Strip Weight Calculator

Steel Strip Weight Calculator



Check Formula and calculation methods for Gi Strip Weight Per Meter

Pounds to Feet Calculations
Feet = M/[D x G x W x 12]
Feet to Pounds Calculations
Pounds = L x D x G x W x 12
Square Inches to Pounds Calculations
Pounds = [G x W] x L x D
  • D = Density (pounds / in ³)
  • M = Mass (pounds)
  • G = Gauge (inches)
  • W = Width (inches)
  • R = Radius (inches)
  • L = Length (feet)
  • P = 3.14159


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Iron is the most common material grade that is utilized in producing strips. The Calculator Of Iron Strip calculates the size of the material, the content of iron, and other constituting alloys that are embedded in the strips. The Calculator For Round Pile Strips Length is calculated based on the thickness, weight width, and length of the strip.

Working with the versatile Metals Strip Weight Calculator may look simple, but getting the correct readings are essential for the optimum performance of your project. If you want to get assistance with the Metal Strip Weight Calculator or any other components, visit any of our outlets or contact us to get your coils precisely weighed.


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