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Titanium Sheet



What Is Titanium Sheet?

Titanium is a high-strength, lightweight module. A Titanium Sheet is designed with a chemical concentration of titanium, aluminum, iron, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen. The superior concentration of the Titanium Sheet Metal allows these modules to exhibit superior corrosion and oxidation resistance across different environments. Titanium Plate is lighter than 40% of steel while still possessing more strength over standard stainless steel grades. Possessing a high melting point the, Titanium Foil Sheet offers protection to different modules in high temperatures and elevated temperature systems.

The Titanium Sheet Stock exhibits slightly lower thermal and electrical conductivity across the system. The versatile modules of the Pure Ti Grade 5 Foil offer excellent flexibility and form a layer of oxide on the surface to show enhanced resistances in stress-induced environments. The Pure Titanium Grade 5 Foil securely covers different modules as they are heat treated or transported from one location to the other. Titanium Strip offers outstanding welding properties and can be employed in securely sealing different modules in the system. A CP Titanium Alloy Coil is rolled after the initial rolling process and can be transported efficiently and later sheared in different components.

To fill spaces between components Ti Alloy Shim Sheet is utilized to effectively fill spaces in different modules firmly and effectively. The titanium alloys of the ASME SB265 Titanium Clad Plate are made up of a multi-layered plate that combines good chemical properties with enhanced corrosion resistance properties. A Thin Titanium Sheet possesses excellent strength to density ratio, which is better than standard metal components. A Pure Titanium Hot Rolled Plate is widely seen in use in architecture, power generation, marine, and hydrocarbon processing industry.

Titanium Sheet


What is ASTM B265?

ASTM B265 covers standard specifications for ti alloy, strips, sheets, and plates. The alloys covering this specification have chemical requirements consisting of carbon, nitrogen, chromium, hydrogen, nickel, zirconium, niobium, titanium, silicon, aluminum, iron oxygen, tin, vanadium, palladium, ruthenium, molybdenum, cobalt.


Specification of Titanium Plate

Ti Sheet
Grade Specification
A40, C.P.3,55A TYPE 1 COMP. A / C.P.3, AMS-4902 / MIL-T 9046
A70, C.P.1,75A TYPE 1 COMP. B / C.P.1, AMS-4901 / MIL-T 9046, DMS 1536
6AL-4V ANN TYPE 3 COMP.C / AB1, AMS-4911 / MIL-T 9046, DMS 1592


Material Pure Ti Alloy
Standard ASME SB265, ASTM B265, AMS 4901, AMS 4900, AMS 4902
Sheet 0.014mm to 3.5mm
Plate 5.0mm to 115mm
Coil 0.051mm to 0.15mm
Type Rolling Plate, Clad Plate, Plain Sheet, Flat Shim, Foils, Rolling Sheet Rolls, Coils, Strip, Plate, Sheet, Blank (Circle), Flats, Shim Sheet, Flat Sheet, descaled, soft annealed, sheared, Checker Plate, annealed, tread plate Supplier
Process Hot and Cold Rolled
surface Cold rolled sheet (CR), Hot rolled plate (HR), BA, No.1 finish, No.4, No.3, No.6, No. 2B, No. 2D, BA NO(8), 2B, No.7, 2D, 2B, SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated), 1D, hairline, 8K, brush, mirror



Sizes: Sheet & Plate

.012 - 4.00 X r/w X R/L

Sizes: Coil

.001 - .011 x R/W x R/L

6AL-4V ELI, 6AL-4V AMS- 4907,4911, 4905, ASTM-F136, MIL-T-9046
GM-3103, DMS-1592, 12TM-B265
6AL-2SN-4ZR-2MO MIL-T-9046, AMS 4919, AMS-T-9046, DMS-2275
B50TF21, GM-3104
CP-GRADES 4, 2, 1, 3, AMS-4902, 4900
5-2.5 ELI, 5AL-2.55N AMS-4910, 4909, AMS-T-9046, MIL-T-9046
6AL-6V-2SN MIL-T-9046, AMS-4918, AMS-T-9046, DMS-1879
BAL-IMO-1V DMS-1784, AMS- 4916, 4915
15V-3CR-3SN-3AL AMS-4914
ASTM-B265, AMS-T-9046, MIL-T-9046, DMS-1536


Titanium Sheet Price Per Kg

Description Unit Per Unit (INR)
AMS 4916 SIZE : 1.25 MM THK X 500 MM X500 MM TI GRADE SHEET PCS 115,245


See Cost Difference Of Titanium Grade 2 Sheet In India And Uae, Uk

Prices of steel keep fluctuating from time to time based on supply and demand. Titanium Plate Cost In India starts at Rs $80. The price range changes based on the lengths, material grade, and other requirements. The Titanium Plate Price Per Kg in the UK starts at $ 101. The costs of shipping of goods coupled with that of material costs influence the Titanium Sheet Price Per Kg in Uk and the most of Europe. The prices of titanium in the UAE start at $ 91 per kg. Prices vary from component to component, with the Titanium Foil Price being the lowest as it is the thinnest component in this grade.


Various Types of Titanium Sheet Metal

ASTM B265 Titanium Foil
ASTM B265 Titanium Foil
Titanium Alloy Plate
Titanium Alloy Plate
Ti Sheets
Ti Sheets
CP Titanium Alloy Coil
CP Titanium Alloy Coil
Titanium Grade 2 Mesh Sheet
Titanium Grade 2 Mesh Sheet
Pure Titanium Hot Rolled Plate
Pure Titanium Hot Rolled Plate
AMS 4911 Cold Rolled Plate
AMS 4911 Cold Rolled Plate
Ti Alloy Shim Sheet
Ti Alloy Shim Sheet
.125 Titanium Sheet
.125 Titanium Sheet
.012 Titanium Sheet
.012 Titanium Sheet
Titanium Grade 5 Plate
Titanium Grade 5 Plate
Titanium Grade 2 Sheet
Titanium Grade 2 Sheet


Titanium Sheet Weight Calculator

Weight of Ti Sheets

Please enter values then click on Calculate.

Length (inches) =
Width (inches) =
Thickness (inches) =
Weight (pounds) =

All weights are estimates; actual weights may differ.


Titanium Grade 1 Sheet Size Chart

Grade 1 ASTM B 265 + F67
thickness weight/m2
0.5 mm 2.26 kg
0.6 mm 2.71 kg
0.7 mm 3.16 kg
0.8 mm 3.61 kg
1.0 mm 4.51 kg
1.5 mm 6.77 kg
2.0 mm 9.02 kg
3.0 mm 13.53 kg


Thickness chart of Titanium Plate Grade 2

grades Thickness dimensions
6AL-4V ANN, A70, CP1, 75A, A40, CP3,55A 3 mm 500x100
  3 mm 200x100
  3 mm 100x100
  3 mm 1000x1000 (1 m²)
  3 mm 200x200 or 400x100
  3 mm 1000x200 or 2000x100
  3 mm 500x200 or 1000x100
  3 mm 1000x500 (0,50 m²)
  3 mm 1000x400 or 2000x200

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What are Titanium Sheet Grade ?

Titanium modules are designated different grades each having its own significance. Titanium Grade 5 Sheet is the workhorse of the titanium grade and accounts for nearly 50% of the titanium usage all around the world. A Titanium Grade 5 Plate is a high-strength grade that is used in service temperatures up to 600 degrees F.

The usability of these plates makes them an excellent feature in different industries. Titanium Grade 2 Sheet possesses excellent workability making it amongst the top most used grades after grade 5. These versatile modules of the Titanium Grade 2 Plate offer enhanced strength coupled with good weldability and ductility.


Titanium Metal Strip AMS Grade

AMS Properties
4901M Strip, Sheet and Plate, Yield Strength Annealed, C.P. 70.0 ksi (485MPa)
4900L Strip, Sheet and Plate, Yield Strength Annealed, C.P. 55.0 ksi (379 MPa)
4905B Annealed, Beta, Damage-Tolerant Grade Plate 6AL – 4V,
4902G Yield Strength Annealed, C.P.40.0 ksi (276 MPa)
4908F Sheet and Strip, Annealed, 8Mn, Yield Strength 110,000 psi (760 MPa)
4907F Strip, Sheet and Plate, 6AL-4V, Extra Low Interstitial Annealed
4910K 5AL – 2.5Sn Annealed, Strip, Sheet and Plate
4909F Strip, Sheet and Plate, Extra Low Interstitial, 5AL -2.5Sn, Annealed
4911H Strip, Sheet and Plate, Annealed, 6AL – 4V
4915G Strip, Sheet and Plate, Single Annealed, 8AL – 1V – 1Mo
4914A Cold Rolled Sheet and Strip, Solution Heat Treated 15V - 3AL – 3Cr – 3Sn
4916F Strip, Sheet and Plate, Duplex Annealed, 8AL – 1Mo – 1V
4918H Strip, Sheet and Plate, Annealed 6AL – 6V- 2Sn
4917E Strip, Sheet and Plate, Solution Heat Treated, 13.5V – 11Cr – 3.0AL
4919C Strip, Sheet and Plate, Duplex Annealed, 6AL– 2Sn – 4Zr – 2M0 – 0.08Si

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What is Thickness of Titanium Sheet?

Ti sheet is a versatile shape in the ti grade. A Titanium Sheet Thickness is below 6mm and above 0.5mm. Sheets in the ti grade are used in applications in which the Titanium Alloy Sheet is not susceptible to load. Most sheets are employed for weight saving or to add an aesthetical appeal. The 3mm Titanium Sheet is designed to possess slightly higher thickness and performance compared to the modules of the 2mm Titanium Sheet.


Titanium Grade 5 Vs Grade 2 Plate

  • Titanium grade 5 is a titanium-based alloy having chemical constituents of 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. Grade 2 plates are commercially pure ti grade.
  • Ti grade 5 is designed with superior strength compared to grade 2 modules.
  • Ti grade 5 modules also possess 60% higher thermal conductivity than grade 2 modules.
  • Grade 2 modules are cheaper when compared to the grade 5 components.


Titanium Grade 2 Sheet Size Chart

UNS R50400 Sheet
thickness weight/m2
2.0 mm 9.02 kg
3.0 mm 13.53 kg
4.0 mm 18.04 kg
5.0 mm 22.55 kg
6.0 mm 27.06 kg
8.0 mm 36.08 kg
10.0 mm 45.10 kg
12.0 mm 54.12 kg
15.0 mm 67.65 kg
20.0 mm 90.20 kg
25.0 mm 112.8 kg
30.0 mm 135.3 kg
35.0 mm 157.9 kg
40.0 mm 180.4 kg
50.0 mm 225.5 kg
60.0 mm 270.6 kg
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Perforated Titanium Sheet Vs Wire Mesh

  • A Ti perforated sheet is a material grade that is manually or mechanically stamped. A Titanium Mesh Sheet is a metal screen that is made of parallel rows and intersecting columns of wires.
  • Welding a wire mesh directly to different products is easier than welding a Perforated Titanium Sheet.


Titanium Plate 6Al-4V Grade 5 Dimensions

0.02" 0.032"
0.028" 0.1875"
0.04" 0.04"
0.035" 0.25"
0.078" 0.05"
0.05" 0.063"
0.093" 0.3125"
0.063" 0.071"
0.25" 0.125" 
0.5"  0.09" 
0.125" 0.08" 
0.625" 0.375"
0.02" 0.04"


Thickness and Width of Titanium Foil Sheet

4.25″ (107.95mm) as rolled edge 4.0″ (101.6mm) with a slit edge 0.00039″to 0.00008″ (0.0099 to 0.002mm)
16.5″ (419.1mm) as rolled edge 16.0″ (406.4mm) with a slit edge 0.0029″to 0.001″ (0.0737 to 0.0254mm)
17.5″ (444.5mm) as rolled edge 17.0″ (431.8mm) with a slit edge 0.025″to 0.003″ (0.635 to 0.076mm)
15.5″ (393.7mm) as rolled edge 15.5″ (393.7mm) with a slit edge 0.0009″to 0.0004″ (0.023 to 0.01mm)


Titanium Sheet Grade 2 Stock list

Sizes Cold Rolled Titanium sheet
Size : Th.(0.8-4.0) x (300-1000) x (1000-2000) mm ASTM B265 Ti Grade 7 Sheet
ASTM B265 Titanium Grade 2 Sheet
ASTM B265 Ti Grade 1 Sheet
ASTM B265 Titanium Grade 5 Sheet
ASTM B265 Ti Grade 12 Sheet
  Cold Rolled Titanium plate
Size : T(4.0-60) x (300-1000) x (1000-2000) mm ​ASTM B265 Ti Grade 7 plate
ASTM B265 Titanium Grade 2 plate
ASTM B265 Ti Grade 1 plate
ASTM B265 Titanium Grade 5 plate
ASTM B265 Ti Grade 12 plate


ASTM B265 Ti Sheets Technical Data

Number of

units (dm²)


of cuts (mm)

2 200x100


5 500x100
200 2000x2000 (2 m²)
4 200x200 ou 400x100
20 1000x200 ou 2000x100
10 500x200 ou1000x100
50 1000x500 (0,50 m²)
40 1000x400 ou 2000x200
100 1000x1000 (1 m²)


HS Code of Titanium Alloy Plate

HS Code Description
81089090 6 MM THK X 500 MM X 1200 MM TITANIUM GR 2 SHEETS
81089090 SIZE : 4 MM THK X 1 MTR X2 MTR TI SHEET
75089090 AMS 4916 SIZE : 1.25 MM THK X 500 MM X500 MM TITANIUM GRADE SHEET
81089090 SIZE : 6 MM X 1000MM X 1000MM TITANIUM GRADE 2. SHEET
81089090 TI-6AL-4V SHEETS


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Perforated Titanium Sheet Features

  • Ability to Withstand Extreme Temperatures
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Low Density
  • Lustrous
  • Durability


Various Types of Titanium Sheet

Titanium Sheet
Titanium Sheet
Titanium Plate
Titanium Plate
Titanium Grade 5 sheet
Titanium Grade 5 sheet
Titanium Grade 2 Plate
Titanium Grade 2 Plate
Titanium Metal Strip
Titanium Metal Strip
Perforated Titanium Sheet
Perforated Titanium Sheet


ASTM B265 Titanium Sheet Uses

  • Aerospace manufacture such as: air frames and air craft engines
  • Pipes and integral equipment in oil and chemical industries, nuclear
  • Architectural exterior panels
  • Manufacture of sail boat rigging and boat propeller shafts
  • Sports equipment such as: bicycles and golf clubs
  • tooth implants and Joint replacement


What Properties Make Titanium Plate Use For For Surgery Purpose?

Ti plates possess superior strength allowing them to hold bones and other parts in place. These plates are highly erosion resistant and can be implanted in the body without causing any reaction. Its lightweight characteristics coupled with its strength make them an ideal metal for use in different equipment used for surgery.


Why Titanium Plate Suitable For Jet Engine?

Titanium plate is a high-strength module that is a key feature in the jet engine industry. The lightweight grade is highly reliable and possesses excellent thermal properties. The versatile allow for a weight-to-strength ratio of these grades, making them fuel-efficient. Furthermore, the Titanium Sheet Uses are higher in this grade due to superior corrosion resistance it possess over existing aluminum parts, making it a good choice in jet engines.


.125 Titanium Sheet Material Equivalent

Specification Equivalent Spec Equivalent Grade
British Standard Rolls Royce USA France Germany General Engineering
TA11 MSRR8652 AMS4928 AIR 9183 TA6V 3.7164-2 6AL-4V
TA12 MSRR8614 AMS4935 6AL-4V
MIL-T-9047 6AL-4V


Ti Cold Rolled Plate Chemical Composition

Titanium Ti Bal
Carbon C 0.08 max
Iron Fe 0.25 max
Manganese Mn 0.2-0.4
Silicon Si 0.2 max
Phosphorus P 0.07 max
Oxygen O 0.2 max
Sulpur S 0.002 max
Coblat Co 0.5 max
Chromium Cr 0.15 max
Nitrogen N 0.05 max
Aluminium Al 5.5-6.75


Physical Properties of .012 Titanium Sheet

Melting Point °F 3000
°C 1640
Density g/cm³ 4.43
Youngs / Shears Modulus KSI 6380
Modulus of Elasticity KSI 16500
Thermal Conductivity at 20°C W/m-K 6.70
Specific Heat J/g-°C 0.5263
Electrical Conductivity ohm-cm 0.000178
Thermal Expansion Coefficients (0-100°C) 10-6/°C 8.6
Poisson's Ratio 0.342


Mechanical Properties of Titanium Metal Plate

GR.4 T-60 BS 2TA 6 3.7064
GR.2 T-40 BS 2TA 2 3.7034
GR.1 T-35 BS 2TA 1 3.7024
GR.3 T-50 DTD5023 3.7054


Titanium Sheet Stock

Titanium Shim Sheet ASTM B265 Titanium Plates
ASME SB265 Ti Strips Titanium Cold Rolled Sheets
Titanium Foils Titanium Sheets
Titanium Cold Rolled Plates TiDIN Cold Drawn Plates
Ti Coils Titanium DIN Perforated Sheets
Ti. Alloy Hot Rolled Plates Titanium Alloy Coil
CP Titanium Polished Plates Ti Alloy Shim Sheets
Titanium Alloy Cold Rolled Plates Ti Chequered Plate
ASTM / ASME SB265 Titanium Coils Ti Hot Rolled Plates


Density and Melting Point of Ti Sheets

Melting Point 1,668 °C
Density 0.1630 lb/in³
4.512 g/cm³