What Is The Difference Between A36 And Ar500 Steel?

What Is The Difference Between A36 And Ar500 Steel?

A36 vs. Ar500

A36 vs.  Ar500 is not always a competition in shooting targets. They both have different properties and could be used in different situations. It is necessary to check the advantages in A36 vs.  Ar500 to be used as your target practice steels. The difference between Ar500 and A36 will provide you with important information to help you decide which one to use. You could use a combination of the two at times.

If you have to choose between A36 Plate and Ar500 Plate for shooting targets, A36 Plate is sufficient for smaller and low-powered bullets like 9mm from a typical handgun. The much heavier versions, especially centered caliber model guns would require something stronger. In this case, Ar500 is preferable in the competition of Ar500 Plate vs.  A36 .

If you compare A36 Price vs.  Ar500 prices, you will notice that Ar500 is usually higher. Ar500 Price Per Square Foot is USD 2.68.

Welding Ar500 to A36 is possible and can be done through all welding methods. Since A36 is softer than Ar500, when welding the two plates together, A36 will start to wear off first. The shooting dents and nipples will appear in the front plate first. Since the Ar500 Price Per Pound higher, it could be bound behind the A36. A36 Material Chemical Composition binds it to low carbon steels. It has carbon, manganese, copper, silicon and sulfur in its composition. Ar500 Density is higher than that of A36. SS 400 type steels could be used as A36 Material Equivalent in times as well. In the same manner AR400 could be used as Ar500 Steels Equivalent as well.


A36 s

The A36 was a standard established first by the ASTM International. This is one of the most commonly used structural steel in some countries like the United States. This steels has a higher density like most steels. It can come in different shapes. The A36 below 8 inches have lesser mechanical properties than the ones over 8 inches. It can be used with welding. All welding processes can be applied. It can be used for bolting and riveting in structural applications as well.



It is abrasion resistant and high tempered steel that is hardened to be tougher. The abrasion resistant properties make this steel applicable in highly wearing off components in some applications. Applications include mining tips, truck plows and military origins. It has a high Brinell hardness which means it is tougher than many other forms of steels. It could be used in armored plates because of its toughness and less wearing off. The use as shooting targets is also one of the major applications of this steels.

Just because the Brinell number is high does not mean the steels is better. It depends on the applications. A36 Material Properties are better for a softer requirement. AR500 cannot replace A36 in all applications. Ar500 Steels Properties make it better for shooting targets with high caliber rounds. AR500 target plates make the bullets follow the expect ricochet patterns. Because of its abrasion resistance, the debris created is less. A36 on the other hand can handle smaller and less powered bullets, but can create more debris. Either ways, it is not safe to shoot at a target without eye protection. As a summary, to shoot at with regular bullets, you don’t need to go with high ranking metal targets. If you are planning to use much bigger or powerful bullets with big guns, then AR500 would be the better choice.


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