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S355J2+N Plates


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What is S355 J2+N Plates?

S355 J2+N steel is a high-structural steel grade. The mild carbon S355 J2+N plate is designed with a superior chemical concentration giving these modules enhanced resistance and tolerances in stress-induced systems. The S355J2+N Plates possess good strength and have enhanced ductility. This allows these items to be welded readily to subsequent modules.

s355j2+n en 10025-2 grade shows good cold working conditions and doesn’t easily rupture or collapse under extreme pressures and temperatures. In the s355j2 n grade, the modules show excellent mechanical properties across stress-induced environments. The items in this grade are manufactured in a fully killed process and supplied after normalizing the grade.

S355J2+N Plates


S355j2+n Standard

S355j2+n is a user-friendly high tensile grade with a Euro norm of EN 10025-2:2004.

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S355j2+n Equivalent Material In India

The S355j2+n equivalent material is DIN 17100, St52-3N, JIS G3106, SM490YB, and ASTM A572-50.


S355j2+n Hardness

The S355j2+n grade is designed with a hardness between 150 to 190 HBW Brinell.

S355j2+n Chemical Composition

S355j2+n is designed with a superior chemical composition consisting of 0.22% of copper, 0.55% of silicon, 1.60% of manganese, 0.047 of carbon equivalent with 0.035% of phosphorous and sulfur content


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S355j2+n Plates Thickness

Thickness is an important parameter that determines the workability and functionality of any grade. S355J2 N Plate is designed in standard thickness of 3thk going up to 100thk. The high thickness grade of the EN 10025 S355J2 N Plates can handle a lot of load in stress-induced environmental setups. The versatile modules of the Carbon Steel S355 J2+N Sheets and Plate have contrasting thicknesses allowing them to be utilized across different stress-induced setups.

The EN10025-2 S355J2+N Structural Steel Plates have good hardness grades giving them specified thickness, allowing them to be used in different applications. EN 10025 S355J2+N Plates can be availed in sizes between 101mm up to 200mm. Designed with tensile strength ranging between 450mpa to 600mpa the Carbon S355J2+N Plates have a thickness range between 201mm up to 400mm.


S355j2+n Mechanical Properties

S355j2+n has good mechanical properties. These modules possess a tensile strength between 490 to 630 N/mm2 with a yield strength between 355 to 550 N/mm2. They can be easily elongated by a minimum of 22%. These versatile modules have a density of 7.80g/cc.


EN 10025 S355J2 N Structural Steel plate Specifiaction

  • Material: S355 J2+N Steel Plate
  • Item: Offshore & Structural Steel Plate
  • Standard: EN 10025-2:2004
  • Thickness: 5mm-150mm
  • Width: 1000mm-4500mm
  • Length: 3000mm-18000mm
  • Process of Manufacturing : Hot-Rolled (HR)
  • Supply Condition : Normalized Rolling, As Rolled, Vacuum Degassing, Furnace Normalizing, Simulated Post-Weld Heat Treatment or as per need
  • Surface treatment: galvanized coated,Bare or as per need
  • Impact tested : -52° C


S355J2+N Steel Plate Price in india

Description Price
Hot / Cold Rolled Steel Plate S355J2+N US $ 820-950 / Ton
S355J2+N 25mm 30mm 35mm Hot Rolled Steel Plate US $ 650-750 / Ton
Building Steel Structure S355J2+N Hot Rolled Steel Plate US $ 830-850 / Ton
S355J2+N Prime Black Hot Rolled Steel Plate :US $ 650-890 / Ton
Structural Ms Carbon Steel Plate S355J2+N  US $ 480-520 / Ton
S355J2+N Hot Rolled Structural Steel Plate US $ 30-300 / Piece


Various Types of S355J2+N Plates

S355J2+N Plates
S355J2+N Plates
S355J2+N Steel Plate
S355J2+N Steel Plates
S355J2+N En 10025-2
S355J2+N En 10025-2
EN 10025 S355J2 N Plate
EN 10025 S355J2 N Plates
Carbon Steel S355 J2+N Sheet
Carbon Steel S355 J2+N Sheet
EN 10025 S355J2 Steel Plate
EN 10025 S355J2 Steel Plates


Carbon Steel S355 J2+N Sheets Maximum CEV Value

Steel Grade Max CEV <16mm Max CEV <30mm Max CEV 16 - 40mm Max CEV 30 - 40mm Max CEV 40 - 633mm Max CEV <63mm Max CEV 40 - 150mm Max CEV 63 - 100mm Max CEV 63 - 150mm Max CEV 150 - 200mm Max CEV 100 - 250mm Max CEV 250 - 400mm
S355J2+N 0.45 0.47 0.47 0.49 0.49


S355j2+n Mechanical Properties

Standard Material EN Number Tensile Stress 100<400mm Tensile Stress 3 to 100mm Yield Stress
16-40mm <16mm 40-63mm 80-100mm 63-80mm 150-200mm 100-150mm 250-400mm 200-250mm Min. Elongation (3-40mm) Temperature CVN Energy CVN
EN10025-2:2004 S355J2+N 1.0577 450 to 600 470 to 630 345 355 335 315 325 285 295 265 275 22 -20C 27J


EN10025-2 S355J2+N Structural Steel Plates Equivalent

EN 10025 S355J2+N A572-50 10025-2:2004


S355j2+n Chemical Composition

Standard Material EN Number C (max) > 40mm C (max) <40 Mn Si S P Nb Al V Cr Ti Ni N Mo Cu
EN10025-2:2004 S355J2+N 1.0577 0.24 0.23 1.7 0.55 0.035 0.035 - 0.60


Testing conducted on S355j2+n Plates

  • Hydrostatic analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Positive material recognition
  • Chemical examination-Spectro analysis
  • X-ray test
  • Firmness test


Know more about Carbon S355J2+N Plates Mechanical Properties and Data Sheet


EN 10025 S355J2 N Plates Makes



Carbon S355J2+N Plates Processing

  • Grinding
  • Forming Drilling/ Machining
  • Cutting
  • Testing


Application of S355J2 N Structural Steel plate 

  • Structural application
  • ship building
  • mechanical manufacturing
  • construction
  • oil and gas platforms